My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


7. ~Chapter 6~


I wake up and I have a pounding headache. I sit up and someone's arm wraps around me. I look over and Zayn is lying there, asleep. I gasp and I pull up the blanket and he is in his boxers and my skirt is up. I climb out of his grasp and out of his bed and pull on my vans. I can't believe he took advantage of me. I go downstairs where Victoria is passed out on the couch. I push her and she groans and turns away. "Get up shithead, we are going home." I say and she opens her eyes and looks at me and gets up and grabs her shoes and we walk outside. "We have no way of getting home and we don't know where we live from here." Victoria says and I sigh because she is right. 

After hours of walking around we finally come upon our neighborhood. Victoria actually starts sprinting to our house and I just watch her. "Walk of shame, did you get raped again whore?" I turn and Taylor is standing there. "Um, what are you talking about?" I ask and she smiles. "Katherine told me everything, you are such a tramp, wanting attention, I bet you lied to her, you didn't really get raped." She says and tears spring to my eyes. "You don't know anything you dumb bitch now I suggest you leave me alone or I will break your nose." I say and she smirks. "You will be paying for it." She says and I smirk this time. "Not a fucking chance, I mean, you could be lying, you could have fell or something, maybe John did it when he was trying to fuck you but since his dick is too small, took his anger out on you instead." I say, shaking and she seems to be struggling for words. "How would you know how big his dick is?" She asks and I laugh. "Remember, I am the slut of the school, I know everything and if you don't watch out, that boy toy of yours, will be mine." I say, smirking and I turn and walk away.

All day I have been getting text messages from Zayn, asking me where I went, if I am okay. It's sweet but what he did, not even the sweetest of words could fix. There is suddenly a knock on the front door. I get up and open the door and Zayn is standing there. I just shake my head and close the door but his foot stops it. "Diana, what's wrong, why are you so mad at me?" He asks, pushing open the door. "Why don't you tell me Zayn?!" I shout and he just stares at me. "What?" He asks and I sigh. "I think you just wanted to prove Taylor right, that I am a slut well you can tell her you slept with me and that she can spread more rumors about me." I say, tears filling my eyes. He starts to say something but I cut him off. "I thought you were different Zayn, I actually liked you. You treated me different then any of the other guys from my school did but I guess that was all just a facade for you." I say, looking away. "Goodbye." I say, closing the door on him and he keeps knocking on it but I just walk up to my room and walk into the bathroom and dig out my razor and slide it across my wrist. I cut myself four times before I throw down the razor and start crying. Just another person letting me down, I should be used to it by now.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Man, she has got the wrong idea! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)


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