My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


5. ~Chapter 4~


The suspension was boring but I liked being off. I finish my cigarette and wait in the car. Victoria comes out and I drive her to school and I get out and go inside. "Welcome back slut." I hear people mumble and I get tripped and fall and get up. I go to my locker and open it. "Hey slut." John says and I smile. "Hey baby." I say and I see Taylor watching me. I put my hand on his arm. "What are you doing?" He asks and I smile. "You look sexy today baby." I say and I play with his hair. "Whore." He says but he doesn't move. I smile and lean in, just barely touching my lips to his. "Oops, I have to go to detention." I say, closing my locker and pinching John's cheek and walking away, smiling at Taylor.

"You want to have sex with John?" Kathy asks and I nod. "Pay back for Taylor getting me suspended and he is super hot." I say and I turn and catch him staring at me. I smile and look away. "Hey there." Hector says, sitting next to me. "No." I say and he laughs. "I am here for your friend." He says and I smile at her. "No." She says, getting up and he follows her. I finish my lunch and then I go to my locker and am pushed into the girls' bathroom. "Stay away from John." Tracey says and I laugh. "She had to send her little bitch?" I ask and she glares at me. "Just stay away from him." She says and I laugh again. "You aren't my guardian so stay the fuck out of my business." I say, smiling and I leave the bathroom. 

After school, I am outside, waiting for Victoria, someone slaps my bum. I turn and John is standing there. "Hey there baby." I say, smiling and he smiles. "Let's just cut to the chase." He says and I cross my arms. "You want me, I want you." He says and I laugh. "I don't want you." I say, smiling. "Yes you do." He says and I laugh. "John, you are an asshole and you probably have a small dick since you always tell your friends it's HUGE." I say, laughing and he rolls his eyes and starts unzipping his pants. "Sorry, that's all the time we have on our brand new show Super Douchebag, see you next time." I say, walking away and getting in my car. "Was that John Becket trying to show you his dick?" My sister asks and I look at her. "Yes." I say and she laughs. "It's huge." She says and I slam on the brake. "Excuse me?" I say and she looks at me. "It was freshman year." She says and I jump out the car and walk back to the school. I see John standing there with his friends. "Yo asshole!" I shout and he looks at me and grins. "She came back for more." He says, walking up to me. "No I came here to beat the shit out of you." I say and he laughs. "Why?" He asks. "Come on Diana." Veronica yells. "You touched my sister you bastard." I say and he laughs. "She was asking for it." He says and I grab his shirt. "Don't ever touch her again or I will kill you." I say, Justin popping into my head. "Shut up slut, you are just mad because I didn't get to you first." He says and I clench my fists. "Why the fuck would I want to be touched by you? You are disgusting, she is only a sophomore! You pedophile." I say and he laughs but I could tell he is getting nervous. How can I like him? Not anymore. "If I see you looking at her, you're dead." I say and he laughs. "Do you hear that boys, i'm dead." He says and I look at his friends. I shake my head and push him and I leave. "If you ever look at him, you're dead too." I say to Victoria when I get back to my car. "Whatever." She says and I glare at her.

I get her home and she goes inside and I follow her. "Your father and I have to leave." My mom says and I look at her. "Why?" I ask, crossing my arms. "We have business." She says and I roll my eyes. "How long?" I ask and she shrugs. "Two weeks." She says and I nod. "No parties, you are still grounded, no sneaking out, watch your sister." She says and I nod again. "Whatever, goodbye." I say and my dad follows her out, carrying a beer can and glaring at me. I run up to my sister's room and open the door. "Mom and dad are leaving for two weeks, just you and me so don't fuck around." I say and she rolls her eyes and I go to my room and lie down. My phone goes off and I pick it up. "What?" I ask, yawning. "Hey, I am going on a date tonight and I need you to come along." Carol says and I sigh. "I don't go on dates." I say and she sighs. "Please!" She says and I sigh. "Fine." I say and I tell Victoria to go to her friend's house and then I change into a red dress and get in my car and drive to Carol's. 

"You are prettier in person." The British accent says to Carol. "Thank you Liam." She says and I sigh. I walk over over to a table and plop down. "You look a bit down." Someone says and I look up and a guy with brown eyes and black hair is standing there. "Well, my friend brought me here and she is on a date." I say and he smiles. "Same here, i'm Zayn." He says, sitting down in front of me. "Diana." I say and he smiles and we begin to chat.

"It was nice to meet you." I say and he smiles. A group of girls run over and surround him. I give him a look of confusion and tap on one of the girls' shoulder. "What?" She asks impatiently. "What are you doing?" I ask and she laughs. "I am getting an autograph from Zayn Malik of One Direction." She says and I nod. Oh, that boy band. After the group of girls dissipates, I walk up to Zayn and smile. "You are in that famous boy band, One Direction, right?" I ask and he nods. "You found out my dirty secret." He says, smiling and I laugh. "College boy too?" I ask and he nods. "I am a multi tasker." He says and he gives me a piece of paper. "I have to go but text me when you want." He says, walking off. 

I go home and I smile to myself.

Dear Diary,

I met a boy today, he is in a boy band, I don't listen to his music but I have nothing against his band. He is really cool, unlike any of the guys that I have met, this was a pretty good day!


I put away my diary and lie down and close my eyes and soon fall asleep with music blasting through my headphones.

Authors Note

I hope you liked this chapter! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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