My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


4. ~Chapter 3~


I wake up the next morning and there is yelling. "DIANA MCKINLEY GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" My mom shouts. "Shit!" I mutter and I get upstairs and go downstairs. "You skipped school?!" She asks and I sigh. "Mom." I say and she slaps me. "You are grounded." She says and I glare at her. "She finally gets what she deserves!" Victoria says and I grab her by her hair. "You shut your mouth." I say and she gasps. "Mom!" She whines and my mom slaps my hand. "Get your hands off of her, this is your fault." She says and I glare at her. "Mom, as if you care about me anyways." I say and she laughs. "If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't have had you." She says and I roll my eyes. "You shouldn't have." I say and she smacks the back of my head. "Go to your room and stay there." She says and I just go up to my room and slam the door. I get on Facebook for some reason and just scroll through my news feed. 'Look, it's the slut' Taylor's comment on my profile pictures says. 'I will beat your ass if you don't watch it' I type back, waiting. 'I would love to see you try cow' she types and I laugh. 'Alright, meet me at the park' I type and don't even bother waiting. I get up and climb out of my window and start jogging to the park.

I show up and it is empty. I look at my photo but she never typed back. I smile and there is a guy there, smoking. "Can I have one of your cigarettes?" I ask and he nods and hands me one and lights it for me and I smoke it. "She didn't show up, classic Taylor." I say to myself and I nod to the guy and start walking back to my house.


I get up and get ready for school and I drive to school with Victoria and she gets out and runs up to her friends and I walk in, searching for Taylor. I spot John and walk up to him. "So where was your girlfriend at yesterday?" I ask, smirking. "She didn't want to catch any of your diseases so she didn't show." He says and I laugh. "Or maybe it was because she was scared and didn't want to show up and get her ass beat." I say, smiling. "Talking shit, I see." I turn and there is Taylor with Tracey. "Nope, simply stating the facts." I say and she laughs. "Oh please, I could take you down if I wanted." She says and I laugh and without warning, I punch her in the nose. I start punching her in the face and knock her down and punch her in the gut and chest. "Ms. Mckinley!" The principal screams, pulling me off of Taylor. "Suspended! Detention with me for a week after that!" She screams and Taylor's nose is gushing blood and I laugh. "It was worth it." I say and I walk out, telling Kathy to take Vic home. 

"You were suspended?" My dad asks and I nod and he slaps me. "You dumb ass!" He shouts, smacking me again and again. I push him away which only infuriates him and he slaps me over and over. I go up to my room and punch the wall. I go to the bathroom and cut until I am numb. 

Dear Diary,

I got suspended for beating Taylor up, I don't feel bad, pretty proud actually, maybe I should fuck her boyfriend too, i'll think about it.


I put my diary away and I blast music through my speakers and lie down and close my eyes. Someone opens my door and walks in. "Diana!" My mom shouts and I sit up. "You got suspended?!" She shouts and I nod and she sighs. "You are already grounded!" She shouts and I shrug. "You are such a disappointment." She says which pisses me off. "Then why did you have me?! Why didn't you give me away?! All I am good for is for dad to beat me and at school I am the slut so just get rid of me if I am SUCH an embarrassment." I say and then there is a stinging against my cheek. My mom has never hit me or my sister so I was surprised and by the look on her face, so was she. "Baby." She says, reaching down but I cringe away from her. "Get out." I say quietly. "Dia-." She starts but I shake my head. "GET OUT!" I shout and she does and I actually start crying. 

Authors Note

Drama! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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