My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


3. ~Chapter 2~


I wake up the next morning and I am exhausted. I turn off my alarm and go to my sister's room. "Get up!" I shout, pounding on the door and then taking a shower and pulling on my 'Love' shirt that is blue and my high waisted shorts with my vans and bracelets. I do my make up and go downstairs and grab my bag and sling it over my shoulder and then wait for Victoria. "Bell!" My dad yells at my mom and I just go outside, lighting a cigarette and going and starting the car. Victoria runs out and hops in and I pull out of the driveway, turning on Black Veil Brides. 

I pull up to the high school and park and get out and I see Hector, smoking a cigarette. "D!" He shouts and I sigh. "Leave me alone." I say and he walks up. "Just a quick BJ around back." He says and I make a face. "No!" I shout, pushing him away and going inside. I call Katherine and wait for her to answer. "What?" She asks and I smile. "ARE YOU HERE YET?!" I yell into the phone and I hear her suck in a breath. "You bitch." She hisses and I laugh. "Are you here yet?" I ask and she sighs. "No." She says and I smile. "Starbucks run please." I say and she sighs again. "Okay, bye." She says and I hang up and walk over to Carol who is on the phone. She hangs up as soon as I come over. "Who was that on the phone?" I ask and she smiles. "A guy I met at the party last night, his name is Liam." She says and I nod. "Was he one of those LOVELY college guys?" I ask and she laughs. "Yes." She says and I nod again and go to my locker. "Hey John." I hear Taylor say and then I hear kissing and mentally puke. I turn and they are making out. "Get a room, I don't want to hear your kissing." I say and Taylor smirks. "Get over yourself, you are just jealous." She says, pressing her flat chest against John. "Totally, you have no boobs and he has no dick, something I should be jealous about?" I ask and she scoffs. I sit down in front of my locker and wait for Kathy to get here. 

"Thanks for being late." I say, grabbing my latte from her. "Do you seriously want to go to class?" She asks and I laugh. "No." I say and she nods. "Let's skip." She says and I pick up my bag and go outside and we get in Kathy's car and I light up a cigarette. She drive us to the local park and we go and sit down on the swings and smoke and talk. "My dad is trying to beat my mom again but she isn't letting him." I say, laughing. I see two guys checking us out and I look at Kathy. "Two guys." I say and just then they walk up. "Hey." One says and I look up at him. "Hi." I say innocently and smile. "I'm Justin." He says and I stand up. "That's cool, i'm Candy." I say, winking at Kathy. "Well Candy, you are one sexy piece of ass." He says and I smile. "I know." I say and he smiles, looking me up and down. "Want to have the best time of your life in the back of my car?" He asks and I laugh. "You're the best?" I ask and he nods. "That's what I have been told." He says and I smile. "Cute." I say and he looks offended. I smile and he smiles slightly. "How about we just have a steamy make out, I am saving myself for someone special." I say, almost laughing. "We will see where is leads." He says and I smile. "You are pretty confident." I say and he smiles and grabs my hand. He pulls me away and then he starts practically shoving his tongue down my throat. He starts unbuttoning my shorts and I laugh. "You aren't that good." I say, pushing his hands away. He goes for my shorts again and I push his hands away. "Come on." He says breathlessly and kisses my neck. He pulls up my shirt, running his finger over my bra. "No." I say, pushing him away. "Listen! You are sexy and I am horny!" He says, his hands gripping my arms and pushing me to the ground and ripping my clothes off.


He climbs on me and I try to push him off but he doesn't budge. He pins my hands above my head and kisses down my neck. Tears fill my eyes and I try to push him off. He pushes himself into me and I gasp and he thrusts into me. "Say my name." He says and I gasp. "Justin." I say weakly. "Louder." He says and I cry out. "Justin!" I say and he smirks and kisses me. I shout but he presses his mouth to mine, cutting it off. 

He finishes and gets off of me, throwing me my clothes. I put them on and get up and I start hitting him. "You asshole!" I shout, punching him as hard as I can. He pushes me back and I glare at him. "Thanks Candy." He says, winking and leaving. I go back to the park where Kathy is alone. "So did you have fun?" She asks and I glare at her. "No, he raped me!" I shout and she sighs. "D, i'm sorry." She says and I sigh. "Just take me back to school so I can get my car." I say and we go to her car and she drives me back to school.

I tell Carol to take Victoria home and I go home and go up to my room and sit alone. I take a shower to try to get the feeling of him on me, off and I lie down. I shiver and I lie down and listen to music, blocking everything out. I get my diary out and start writing.

Dear Diary,

Diana here, so today I was forced to have sex with some guy named Justin. I feel so worthless and used. I have never felt like this before. I need to cut, I have to. I need to let the feeling out.


I put my diary away and go to my bathroom and I take out my razor and cut into my wrist. One for Justin, one for John, one for Taylor. By the time I am done, my arm is a bloody mess. I clean my razor and put it away and I clean my arm and put a bandage over the cuts and then I lie down and close my eyes, music blasting through my headphones and I soon fall asleep.

Authors Note

What do you guys think of this chapter? -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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