My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


11. ~Chapter 10~


I wake up to someone shaking me. "Diana." Someone says and I just turn away. "Diana, babe, you need to get up." Someone says and I start getting irritated. "Touch me again and I will stab you." I say, snuggling the below beneath my head. "Diana, get up." The person repeats and starts tickling me. My eyes snap open and I am met by Zayn's brown eyes. "You have to go to school." He says and I make a pouty face. "Come on." He says, pulling me up and I wrap my arms around him. "Come on." He says and he goes to his bureau and pulls out some sweats and a black sweater. He hands them to me and leaves the room. I pull on the sweats and sweater and roll up the sleeves and pull on my vans. I leave the room and go downstairs where Zayn is sitting in the kitchen, drinking something. "Let's go." I say and he gets up and we go to his car and I pull my phone out of the pocket on his sweats and put my ear buds in my ears and listen to Pierce the Veil. 

"Are you sure you don't want me to come in?" Zayn asks and I nod. "I will see you later." I say and he nods and I lean through the window and kiss him. I turn and go inside. There are still some photos of me up and people turn and look at me. I hear the whispers and the whistles. I see John up ahead and he is walking toward me. "Hi." He says quietly and I just shake my head. "What do you want?" I ask, crossing my arms. "Please, I just wanted you to know that I am going to be a great father to my baby." He says and I nod. "Alright, how are you going to tell Taylor?" I ask and he bites his lip. "Um." He says but I shake my head. "You have to tell her." I say but he shakes his head. "Fine, then I will." I say, glaring at him and walking away but I hear him following me. "Funny, you don't have enough balls to tell your girlfriend you got some girl pregnant but you can get my LITTLE sister pregnant." I say, laughing lightly and I stop when I see Taylor. "What do you want bitch?" She asks and I roll my eyes. "Listen up you slut bag, dumbass here got my sister pregnant so you have to break up with him now any questions, no? Alright, bye." I say, turning and pushing John away. "That wasn't so hard." I say and he sighs. 

Authors Note

How was this chapter? Sorry it's 2:33 a.m. here, tell me how you liked it :\ -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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