My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


2. ~Chapter 1~


I wake up to 'Time Machine' by Blood On the Dance Floor. I start singing to it, not wanting to shut it off and I get up and I hear my dad yelling at my mom. I go to my sister's room and bang on her door. "Get up shithead." I say and I hear her groan. "Shut up!" She shouts and I roll my eyes and go downstairs and my dad lifts his hand and my mom grabs his hand. "Good morning Diana." My mom says. "Look, the whore is finally awake." My dad says and my mom slaps him. "Don't talk to my daughter that way!" She scolds and he rolls his eyes. "Did you wake up your sister?" She asks and I nod. "I don't know if she got her lazy ass up or not." I say, pushing back my hair. "Watch your mouth." She scolds and I flip her off. "Victoria! Get up!" I shout and she yells. "Shut the fuck up!" She shouts and I shrug. I go upstairs and take a shower and change into my galaxy t-shirt with black shorts and my vans and bracelets. I put on my make up and then go downstairs and grab my cigarettes and my bag and I stand at the door. "Victoria! You have 30 seconds to get down here!" I shout and I hear her feet stomping and coming down the stairs. "I am here." She says and I smile and we go out to my car and get in and I put my phone on the dashboard and start my car and drive to the high school. I light a cigarette and turn on the radio and slide in my Black Veil Brides CD. 'Knives and Pens' comes on and I nod along with it and sing to it. "You listen to some weird shit." Vic says and I roll my eyes. "Get over it." I say and I finish my cigarette just as we are pulling up to the high school.

I turn off my car and get out and throw my bag over my shoulder and plug my headphones into my phone and turn on 'Nicotine' by Panic! At the Disco. "Hey Diana." My friend Carol says. She walks up and her bright red thong is showing. "Hey." I say and she smiles. "There's John." She says and I look up and sure enough he is walking by with his football buddies. "Sup slut." He says, looking at me. "Sup little dick." I say, smiling. "We both know that is a false statement, I will whip it out right now." He says and I laugh. "Let me get my magnifying glass." I say, smirking and he rolls his eyes and walks away. "You two are so mean to each other." Carol says and I shrug. "Hello my bitches!" Katherine says, walking up. "Hey there slut." I say, smiling and she flips me off. "Alright, party tonight at mine, you in?" She asks and I laugh. "Hell yeah." I say and she smiles. "Yup." Carol says and Katherine nods. "Alright, see you then, until then, later whores!" She says, walking away and I just shake my head. "Look who it is Tracey, the cows!" Taylor exclaims and I sigh. "Look Carol it's the flat chests!" I exclaim and Carol snorts. "Way to be mature Diana." Taylor says and I smile. "Thanks for noticing, I have been working on my maturity." I say, rolling my eyes. Taylor just struts off and I laugh. "A lot of drama for a Monday." I say and Carol nods. "Let's go to class." She says and I nod and follow her to class. 

"Jimmy is checking you out Diana." Katherine says and I turn and he smiles at me. I get up and walk over to him and sit down next to him. "Hey there." I say, running my finger up and down his arm. "H-hi." He says and I laugh. He is only a Freshman and he is so naive. I put my hand on his leg and he sucks in a breath. "I noticed you looking at me." I say, pressing my mouth to his ear. "Y-yeah, you are beautiful." He says and I smile. "Thank you." I say, kissing his cheek, leaving lipstick marks on it. I get up and I notice he has a boner and I laugh and walk back over to my table. "It's too easy." I say and they laugh. 

After school, I stand outside, waiting for Victoria. "Hey D." Hector says and I sigh. "Go away creep." I say and he laughs. "Come on Diana, you know you want some of this." He says and I laugh. "Not a chance." I say and he puts his hands on my hips and presses himself against me. "You know you do." He says, his breath full of cigarette smoke. "No!" I shout and push him away from me. "Let's go Victoria!" I shout and she walks over and I get in my car and so does she and I drive us home. 

I turn on 'Miss Jackson' by Panic! At the Disco featuring Lolo while I do homework. I quickly finish and pull on a tight black dress and some black flats and go downstairs and grab my phone and go out out to my car to go pick up Carol.

We show up at Katherine's house and I adjust my dress and we go to the door. I open it and we go inside, the place crowded. "Girls! You're here! I got college guys here!" Kathy exclaims and I laugh. I see five guys standing alone in the corner and I laugh. "They look lonely." I say and Carol laughs. "I am going to talk to them." She says and I nod. "Slut, you're here!" I turn and John is there. "Little dick! You made it! Hoping to score? With a dick like yours that is doubtful." I say, shrugging. "Are you so sure that it's little? You haven't slept with me, you wouldn't know and I wouldn't risk getting herpes or whatever you have." He says and I roll my eyes. "I don't have herpes, dumb ass, I have nothing but I couldn't have sex with you, there's nothing to ride on." I say, laughing and walking away. 

The party was pretty good, the music sucked but I talked to people, didn't sleep with anyone so it was pretty good. "Come on, everyone is leaving." I say, grabbing a drunk Carol's arm. "I am talking to these five lovely guys." She slurs. "I bet they would love to hear about your day but I doubt it." I say, laughing and I pull her out to my car and lie her in the back. "If you puke, you will be cleaning it up." I say and she just laughs. I take her home and she didn't puke and then I drive to Starbucks. "Latte please!" I say and they tell me the price and I go to the first window and pay and wait for my order at the second window. A guy that I vaguely recognize is at the window and hands me my order and I drive off. I drive home, jamming to Blood On the Dance Floor. I arrive home and it is dark. I unlock the door and quietly close it behind me, I leave the lights off and stub my toe. "Fuck!" I curse and a light flicks on. "Where have you been?" My dad asks and I sigh. "A party." I say and he glares at me. "Get the fuck up to your room." He says and I just go up to my room and close the door and turn on my lamp. I lie down and turn on my phone, clicking on shuffle and setting my empty Starbucks cup on the nightstand and closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Chapter one! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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