Harry Potter Next Generation Tom Riddles Diary

Meet Lily Potter, Rose Weasley And Solar Lovegood as they go on an adventure through there par ants footsteps. When Rose and Scorpios drink an unageing potion they go back to there first year with Lily and Solar! That means Quidditch, classes, and Malfoy all over again. But when the new trio find a diary, they know something bad is happening. This is the first book in the best fan fiction series!


1. Prologue

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are walking with there children. James Sirius Potter being the oldest, Albus Severus Potter being the middle child, and Lily Luna Potter the youngest. Lily is throwing a fit about how much she wants to go to Hogwarts with her brothers while Albus is chanting on how he won't be in Slythern while James is encouraging it. Harry smiled. He had been through much worse. Him, a normal boy being a slave at his aunt and uncles house after his parents died. Actually they were murdered by lord Voldemort and, well, you know the story. Anyway they ran through the barrier between platform 9 and 10, or platform 9 and 3 quarters if you must. James had already gotten on the train and was talking with dome friends. Albus went over to his aunt Hermione and uncle Ron and started talking with his cosens Rose and Hugo. Albus and Rose are first years. They got on the train and sat with James. They waved until out of sight. Ginny and Hermione were in tears and Ron was still waving. They hopped in there muggle car and drove back home. 

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