Harry Potter Next Generation Tom Riddles Diary

Meet Lily Potter, Rose Weasley And Solar Lovegood as they go on an adventure through there par ants footsteps. When Rose and Scorpios drink an unageing potion they go back to there first year with Lily and Solar! That means Quidditch, classes, and Malfoy all over again. But when the new trio find a diary, they know something bad is happening. This is the first book in the best fan fiction series!


2. Diagon Ally

"Get Down here now!" Yelled Ginny. The three siblings ran downstairs scared at there mother. So scared that they had untied shoes, messed up buttons, an bed head. They salute like army men. "Fix yourselves" she yelled again. They scramble to do as there mother told. "Mind you she scares the Cornelius Fudge out of me" whispered Lily. Albus and James nodded there heads in agreement. "Alright let's get going" said Harry"go ahead Lily"

"alright but can we get a flying car?"

"we'll get a flying car" Lily looked exited but than Harry added

"when Voldemort comes back"

Ginny smacks his arm in disapproval as Lily steps into the fireplace and yells "Diagon Ally"

"Alright Albus" 

"Can I just,achoo, apparate with you, achoo. I think I'm allergic to flue powder."

"oh alright. James go ahead"

James did the same thingas his sister and was swept away while Harry and Ginny apparated with Albus to Diagon Ally


Hi guys sorry i haven't updated in a while i have been busy with school and i just got my braces (ugh). Anyway i hope i will be able to update more often and i hope you are enjoying this as much as me! Also I might not be able to update for a little while because my computer is broken so i am writing this on my phone. Sorry.😘 Lily_Luna_Potter_


"Okay we will start at Madame Malkins to get the robes, than florish and blotts, yada yada ya." Said Ginny "well lets go!" They got everything they needed than went to The LeakyCauldron. They sat down as there cousins came in with there parents. "Lily Potter" cried out Rose. "Lily Luna  Potter" she yelled again after Lily ignored her.Finally James said " Rosie, shes like uncle Ron. Once shes eating nothing can interupt her." And sure enough Ron was eating like Lily. Once they lost there appatites when Lily and Ron had an eating contest. As they took there last sips and the Malfoys (😠) Rose shrunk! Harry smelled the cup. " Unaging potion" he said as Squorpious shrunk too! Well now they were Lilys age! They went to get Lily and Hugo's wands on the other side. They walked in. "Ding🔔" went the bell. Mr Ollivandor walked up. "Two wands please" said Hermione. They went through the steps (oh dont act like you dont know them) and ended with two beautiful wands. Lilys of Hazel, Phoenix Feather, 12.5 in, reasonably springy. And Hugo had Dogwood, Giant Eyelash, 15 in, Very stiff. They got there owls. Lily got a barn owl named Razial ( Ray-ze-el) And Hugo a snowy owl named Frosty. They double checked everything and went home. They had a busy day tomarrow!

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