Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


9. Chapter 8

Hey Guys!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, so on my last post I noticed something lol. So they had invited Zayn for dinner on Friday right, well this is where the mistake comes up lol. You know how towards the end she starts watching teen wolf on tv, well teen wolf doesn't come on, on Fridays it starts Mondays only lol.


I'm so lame haha. So just pretend it wasn't a new one and it was just one that they were showing on tv haha. I was rereading chapter 7 a few days ago and I noticed it haha. So yeah I just wanted to point that out lol. Did anyone notice it? Lol


If you guys see any errors or anything please let me know lol. Anyways I'll stop talking, well writing this authors not and get writing what you guys came for, which is to read this chapter lol.





Kat's POV:



I couldn't sleep, all I kept hearing was the rain hitting against the roof and the sound of rumbling coming from the sky.


Like i said earlier, I was scared of lighting and when it rains and thunders like this I can't sleep, it will take me hours to finally go to sleep.


I grabbed my phone and checked the time, since the power was still out and my alarm clock was off, I just pray my phone doesn't die on me.


The time read 3:30am, gosh I'm not going to want to get up in the morning, I don't even feel tired, but then again there is a little part of me that is and is trying to go to bed but that other part of me isn't letting me.


Sitting up from my bed, I stretched and grabbed the candle that was surprisingly still lite, and walked out my room to the kitchen.


My stomach grumbled along with the thunder, I held a hand to my stomach like that was going to stop it from grumbling any louder.


I grabbed some bread and out it in the toaster and poured myself some cold water, once I drank the glass I felt relieved, I was thirsty.


Suddenly I heard a pop that scared me and realized it was just the toaster and the bread just pooped up. I carefully grabbed the bread, careful not to burn my fingers while reaching for the bread that is inside.


I always use to burn myself while trying to grab the bread. Why? we'll because the toaster is on top of a counter and it's a little bit talker than me, which I have to stand on my tippy toes to grab it out.


Once I pulled the bread out another rumble came from the sky and a flash, flashed through the window In the kitchen which caused me to jump back and I dropped my bread on the floor.


"You are a jumpy one" I heard a voice from behind me, I jumped back in surprise and well because Zayn's voice scared the crap out of me.


"Jesus! you scared the crap out of me" I said with a hand to my chest, what is he trying to do? give me a heart attack! I've had plenty a few minutes ago


He laughed "what are you doing up?" I asked him


"I would like to say the same to you" he replied


I glared at him"Well I couldn't sleep and well I tried making a sandwich-"


"Which didn't go so well" he said interrupting me


"Yeah because you scared me" I replied


"Last time I checked you dropped your bread because of the thunder" he said sarcastically then added a smirk that I could see with the only candle I brought, that barely lite the room.


I glared at him once again and bent down to pick up the piece bread. "You never answered me"


"What?" he said


"You never answered my question, why are you up?" I replied


"Oh, I couldn't sleep either" he said and sat down on a stool, you could hear the pitter padder of the rain against the roof and a few flashes through the window and every time it flashed I cringed


"why are you scared of the thunder?" He said but all I saw was his lips moving and no sound coming out, because of the loud rumble that passed while he was talking


"Huh..?" I asked not really hearing him


"Why are you scared of the thunder" he said again


Just then there was another flash that lasted for 5 seconds, which felt like 5 minutes. but there was no noise to it, aww man this one is going to be a really loud thunder


And just then the noise finally came and made my glass shake and the floor vibrate. You could tell if it's going to be loud or not just by the flashes.... well I can anyway


I sat down on the bar stool in the kitchen that was across from Zayn and where my glass of water was "well when I was little," I trailed off


"I don't know... I was just scared of it, weren't you?" I asked him and he just shrugged then spoke "not really"


"Well anyways, this one time I was using my laptop and I had it sitting on my lap and my hands were holding the sides of the laptop so it wouldn't fall and it was thundering that day, I was watching a movie and I had my headphone in that day so I didn't really hear the thunder" I told him and he nodded for me to continue


"Well suddenly the light in my room started flickering and then I heard the biggest rumble ever and then lighting struck and at the same time it hit I felt the shock running through my hands and I literally saw the flash inside my room, and then my room started smelling like smoke" I said and looked at my hands "but when I felt the lighting go through my hands I threw my laptop off of me because I got shocked, I was scared and my room started to smell real bad. I told my dad and my mom came in to check on me, later that day when it stopped raining I went out side and saw where the lighting had struck and it was right outside my bedroom window, there was a big black spot where the lighting had struck" I relied


"And well I guess since then I was scared because of that, that's why I get jumpy when it thunders, because I don't want it to happen again"


"Oh dang" zayn said wide eyed "were you ok? like nothing happened to you"


"No I was fine, even though I felt electricity going through my hands. it wasn't that bad it lasted for like a few seconds anyways. It didn't hurt, which is the good part" I replied


I yawned like three times while telling Zayn my story, I guess sleep is finally getting to me, I checked the time on my phone and it said 4:09am


"Wow we were here for a while" I said and showed Zayn the time and he nodded


"We should probably go to bed now" he said and I nodded


I followed him up the stares, before I threw away my bread, I wasn't hungry anymore after almost being scared half to death like three times.


"Goodnight" we both said at the same time and we walked to our separate rooms


I put my phone on the counter and crawled into bed, once my head hit the pillow I was out like the light.





Hey hey!!


So when I wrote the part where she was up at 3:30, that's the time I was up wring this lol.


Everything that I said in this story happened to me lol, the hungry part the part of her being up early in the morning, right now it's 4:15am and I just finished writing this chapter lol.


The part where Kat said she got shocked when she was holding onto the laptop happened to me I think it was last year or maybe this summer I don't remember but yes it happened to me. I have a picture of where the lighting hit my house, I saw the flash inside my room and I was the only one in it. I think my sister was at work or in the bathroom I don't remember and my brother was in his room and my parents were in the living room. I'll try to post the pic on here


Even a few days ago it was thundering real bad and I was on my phone in the middle of the night and suddenly lighting struck and I felt the shock in my right hand because that's the hand I was holding my phone


And after that happened I was like ugh not again, and I saw a blue light outside my window which scared me. So once that happened I was like f this and threw my phone, ok not really I gently laid my phone on the table next to me lol and tried to go to bed. But since it was thundering like crazy I couldn't sleep till like 3.


Then once I finally was starting to fall asleep my little brother woke me up because he wanted his bottle of milk. Then it took me another while to fall asleep, gosh the struggle lol.


Anyways sorry for like the super long authors note, sorry for two authors note lol


I hope you liked this chapter, tell me what ya think :)




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