Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


8. Chapter 7

Kat's POV:

I don't know what happened but I found myself kissing him back, I felt him smile into the kiss. I broke the kiss by pushing him off of me both of us panting, I didn't know what to do so I just opened the door and walked down the stairs, Zayn following close behind

I could literally feel him smirking behind me, i just want to slap it off his face. I don't know what came over me, but i sure as hell know that won't ever happen again. We walked into the dinning room where everyone else was and we joined them.

We sat down at the table, then we served our food. Zayn sat in front of me next to my dad and i sat next to my mom. I felt zayn's eye's burning into my face and i felt so uncomfortable.

"Zayn, Kat tells me your from England" My mother says trying to make conversation, Zayn only nods his head because his mouth is full of food "What part?"

Zayn took a sip of his drink then spoke "Bradford"

"oh really, I had family who were from there" My mum spoke, wow i never knew that

"Really," zayn said sounding interested "It's a lovely place"

"Maybe we should visit there sometime" my dad said "We haven't been there"

Yeah because we've been here in what feels like all my life. Actually yeah, we've been here all my life

During dinner, i havent spoke unless i was spoken to, to me all of this was awkward and i felt uncomfortable, zayn kept watching me eat and i dont like when people watch me eat, i get self conscious.

we ate the pie zayn brought, which i have to say was delicious then we were done eating

"Thank you for the dinner, the food was delicious Mrs. Graham" zayn said

"Hey, what did i say, call me Natasha" My mum laughs and I cringe "And thank you very much"

Zayn chuckles "right sorry, Thanks for the dinner Natasha" i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit

Then my dad speaks up "you are always welcome here when ever you want" ugh gross why are my parents being so..... nice

When ever I would bring a guy friend they were never like this. They wouldn't even let them in my room, We always had to be where they could see us.

I grabbed the dirty plates and put them in a pile "here let me help" I heard zayn's voice

"Oh no it's fine you don't have to" my mothers said

"No its ok, I want to help" Zayn said, what is he up to

He grabbed the cups and followed me into the kitchen

"What are you doing?" I asked glaring at him

He ignored my question and put the cups in the sink "your parents seem to like me" he said smirking

"Yeah, well I don't" I said putting the dishes in the dishwasher

He turned towards me and started walking towards me "oh really, it didn't look like that earlier" he said referring to the kiss

I groaned "yeah well it won't ever happen again"

He was so close to me, he had pinned me up against the counter, his lips hovering over mine "we'll see about that"

I gulped and he chuckled, then I pushed him out the way. I glanced at the clock on the wall and it was nine fifty-three.

"It's getting late, you should get going now" I said and walked out the kitchen in the living room

I could hear Zayn's footsteps behind me as I walked to the living room. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv and switched it to MTV and Teen Wolf was on. I love that show so much, you have no idea, Dylan O'brien -aka, Stiles- is so adorable.

I smiled as the introduction started, i heard chuckling next to me so I looked up to see zayn "what" I asked glaring at him and he just shook his head, still laughing

"What are you still doing here, you can leave now" I said and turned back to the tv. Suddenly i felt the couch dip next to me, i looked to my left and he sat down next to me so i moved two spaces away from him

"Why do you watch that show, its so stupid, Wearwolves are so stupid" he said watching the tv

yeah but your watching it, i thought "your stupid" i said to my self but i guess he heard and started laughing, i looked at him "if ots so stupid, why are you still here and why watching it" i gestured to him watching the tv

"i'm watching it because your watching it and i dont want to leave." he said "i want to be here with you" then he moved over closer to me as he spoke, the more i moved over the closer he got to me, i was practically falling off the couch.

He was leaning closer to me and I jumped back surprised and I felt myself fall off the couch and land on the floor with a thud


I heard laughter above me and saw Zayn sticking out his hand to help me up

I glared at him as I rubbed my backside "I think I'll just sit down here instead"

Then my mom walked in "Kat, why are you sitting on the floor? There is plenty of room on the couch"

I glared at Zayn "I felt like sitting on the floor"

My mom just gave me a strange look then turned to Zayn "well I'm going to get going to bed, I gotta wake up early for-" then she was cut off by loud thunder. She walked over to the door and opened it "oh gosh I didn't know it was raining..... " just then another flash of lighting came and she shut the door

Zayn and I got up and looked out the window, the trees were swaying and there was so much rain it looked like the road was a stream

"I guess I better get going before it gets worse, well worse than it already is" Zayn said walking away from the window, another rumble came from the sky and a bright light flashed threw the window and I jumped back scared

I hate when it thunders, it always scared me when I was younger, even till this day.

"Oh no no...... I can't let you leave when it's raining like this, it isn't safe" my mother said

What is she doing!? please don't say-

"Your staying here" she said

Dang it. Just my luck what else could go wrong

I spoke to soon when the loudest thunder came and made all the power go out "I screamed and ran to my mom and clung on to her for my dear life why is my mom taller?

I heard my mom clear her throat, wait this isn't my mom, it's Zayn "sorry" I said and let go of him

"Are you sure?" Zayn said in the dark

"Oh no really it's fine. I don't want anything to happen you if you go out there" my mom said worried

"Thanks Mrs- I mean Natasha" Zayn said

Why mother why! No wait curse Mother Nature for raining super hard and for preventing Zayn from leaving

"Kat show Zayn to the guest room" my mom said "oh and take him some clothes so he could change into" really mom, I said to my self, I mentally straight faced her.

"Good night guys" my mom said just before she disappeared into the kitchen and lite two candles and gave me one.

I sighed "alright Zayn follow me" I said as I made my way up the stairs carefully so the candle doesn't go out

I led him to the guest room that was unfortunately across my room. "I'm sure there are some clothes in these drawers" I said to him "here hold this" I said handing him the candle and started looking in the drawers

"This use to be my older brothers room, I'm sure his clothes would fit you" I said and handed him some sweat pants and a tshirt

"Thanks" he said and we exchanged items "where's your brother?" he asked curious

"He uhh... he's not here anymore" I said

Zayn seemed to understand what I ment and nodded, "what happened to him?" he asked

I took a deep breath and spoke "he got into a car accident last Christmas, he was coming back home to visit us and spend his Christmas break here but he didn't make it" I said my voice shaky "some drunk driver was speeding and....." I trailed off, I felt a tear roll down my cheek

Suddenly I felt zayns hand against my cheek and wiped it away, his hand was freezing cold "and I'm sure you know what happened next"

I backed away from him "I'll be back, I'm going to bring more candles" I said and turned away "I'm sorry" I heard Zayn say "I shouldn't have asked"

Just thinking about his accident breaks my heart even more "it's fine" then I walked out and grabbed the candles and walked back to the room and knocked before entering

Zayn opened the door and he was wearing the sweats I gave him but not the t shirt. I could barley see the black ink on his chest and arms 'wow he has lots of tattoos'

I cleared my throat and snapped out of it "here are someone candles" he moved out the way and I walked in and lite the candles and set them on the dresser

"Uhh good night" I said and made my way to the door

"Kat" Zayn spoke and I turned towards him


He opened his mouth like he was going to speak but then closed it then spoke "good night" I nodded my head and walked out

Towards my room, I lite some candles then changed into my pajamas and got into my bed and fell fast asleep


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