Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


7. Chapter 6


Kat's POV:



Once I arrived to my house I went straight to take a shower then I brushed my teeth and brushed my hair.


Then I went downstairs to see if my mom needed help in the kitchen. 'Hey mom, do you need help with anything" I asked


"Hey Kat, yes please can you set the table" she said "oh and is Zayn coming?"


"Yeah he is, I just don't know what time he will be here" I said I just as I said that the door bell rang, oh no please be felicity


"Would you get that hunny" my mom asked


"Uhh sure" I said and set the last plate down and walked towards the door, I took a deep breath and opened it


I was relived to find a mail man instead of Zayn, he handed me the package and I signed the paper so they know I received it and he left.


"Mom, your package is here" I said and walked into the living room and handed it to her


She ordered something from a magazine that she liked.


I went back upstairs to work on my homework and clean my room. Minutes later my mom called me down to help her with dinner.


My dad arrived moments before and her was taking a shower before dinner


My mom was in the middle of mashing potatoes and I was washing the dirty dishes when there was a knock on the door. My eyes widen he's here


"Can you get that Kat" my mom asked


"Yeah" I said and made my way to the door for the second time.


I fixed my shirt and fixed my hair, wait why am I fixing my self up I don't care how I look in front of him, I opened the door and there stood Zayn, smirk and all


Really why is he smirking all the time, I will admit he looks cute though.. wait no I won't.


'But he does' my subconscious says


"So are you going to invite me in or am I going to stand here all day?" he says sarcastically


I mumble incoherent words then say "please come in" sarcastically while extending my arm so he could come in


He smirks and enters, he looks around the house "lovely house" he says and I just stare at him not really knowing what to say


"Right... umm mom, dad Zayn's here" I call


My mom and dad enter the living room, my mom took her apron off that she was wearing before and smiled once she sees Zayn "Zayn, hello I'm Natasha graham, but you can call me Natasha" she said extending her hand to shake his, he gladly shakes back.


Then my dad introduces himself "hello I'm Joseph, welcome to the neighborhood" my dad says shaking his hand


"Thank you, nice to meet you both" Zayn said smiling. I haven't actually seen Zayn smile before, it's actually kind of cute.


"I brought some pie" Zayn says holding the pie, that I haven't noticed he was holding before.


"Oh thank you" my mom says accepting it. "I'll put it in the kitchen"


"Kat" my dad speaks interrupting me from checking Zayn out, my head snaps at his direction "why don't you give Zayn a tour of the house"


Fuu.. dang "Err ok follow me" I say motioning him to follow me




"And this is my room" I said, I showed him the kitchen, the living room, both bathrooms on the top and bottom floor, now I was showing him my room


I just opened my bedroom door so he could have a peek in, not actually walk in and look but he walked in anyway, good thing I cleaned my room.


He walked around looking at every inch of my room, at my pictures on the walls and on my dresser. Then I heard him chucking and I saw he was holding up my black laced bra, shoot I didn't see that


I gasped and ran in the room and snatched it from him then shoved it in a random drawer. "Not funny" I said but he continued to laugh, his laugh was actually cute.


He suddenly stopped laughing and he looked me up and down, I suddenly became self couscous thinking I had something on my face or something.


He began to walk slowly towards me, and I walked backwards "why are you staring at me" I said slowly taking a step back


"What? I can't check you out" he smirks, here we go


I gulp "uhh no" he was close to me


"I can't check you out but you can" at first I didn't know what he was talking about "I saw you checking me out earlier" he said


Oh "err no I wasn't, I was uh.." Then I bumped into my dresser, I couldn't move back anymore


His face was close to my face, I could practically feel his breath on me. My heart started beating faster at how close he was to me


"Uhhh" I didn't know what to say or do, I couldn't move


I could feel his lips brush against my cheek as he whispered in my ear, "why are you so nervous"


I gulped and tried to control my nerves, I can't let him know that I was "I-I'm... Not" my voice came out shaky


"Really" he said "then why is your heart beating so fast, I can practically hear it" he joked


"I just... Um I'm not very comf-" I started saying, then I felt his lips trail down the side of my neck and I froze


What is he doing to me, I wanted to let out a moan but I bit my lip because I knew he wanted to get one out of me.

But it feels so good.


His lips went to my neck then back up to my cheek and closer to my lips, I tried to move, I tried pushing off of me but he wouldn't budge


"What are.. what are you doing" I said breathing heavily


"Shhh" he said just as he was going to kiss me my mom called from down stairs


"Dinners ready" I let out a breath, that felt like I've been holding in and thank god


I pushed Zayn lightly so I could get past him then I walked to the door and began to open it but it was shut and I was turned around


I felt his lips on mine and I was shocked, frozen in place. He grabbed into my hips and pulled me closer


I don't know what happened but I found myself kissing him back, I felt him smile into the kiss. I broke the kiss by pushing him off of me both of us panting, I didn't know what to do so I just opened the door and walked down the stairs, Zayn following close behind




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