Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


5. Chapter 4


Kat's POV:


Once i arrived home Felicity and I got out the car and we walked up my porch steps and i searched for my keys in my bag, once i found them i unlocked the door and we stepped inside. 

My mom was in the kitchen making dinner and i smelled cake or maybe it was brownies, i dont know but it smelled good, i wonder why she was making them though, she barley even bakes so what is the occasion?

"Hey mom" i said as we walked passed her, She looked up from what she was doing "Hey kat, hey felicity" she replied with a smile and a hug

"were going to head up to my room" i tell her, she nods and we walk up the steps to my room. I set my bag on my bed and Fel does the same then she sits at the edge of the bed, i shrug my jacket off and hang it up behind my door on one of the hooks

"Sooo...." she says mischievously, i think i know where this is going "Where does this handsome guy, Zayn live?" she says wiggling her eyebrows

i playfully roll my eyes "Across the street, two houses down," i walk towards my bedroom window "The blue house" i say as i look out the window staring at his house, his car in the drive way

She runs to the window and pushes me out the way "let me see!" she giggles, i suppose she figured out which house was his and she nods "lets go visit him" she grins 

"What? no, we don't even know him, he could be some kind of creep or a kidnapper and lock us in his basement" i say exaggerating a little, ok maybe alot, i just dont want to go to his house, what for anyway?

she glared at me "Do you really think someone as hot as him is capable of kidnapping anyone," then she smirked "plus i wouldn't actually mind if he locked me in his house, he is hot!"

"You dont know what people are capable of doing now these days, with all these murders happening, and what are we going to do over there?" i said

"Actually its animal attacks..." she trails off when she sees the look i gave her. "Anyway we can welcome him to the neighborhood, invite him over or we could hang out" she says shrugging

"Uhh no thanks" i say "we are not going over there"

before she could reply my mom is calling me from downstairs and i leave the room yelling "Coming" Felicity behind me

"Whats up?" i said as i walked into the kitchen to find my mom putting muffins in a basket, hmm... i guess i was wrong, i gave her a weird look "Why are you putting muffins in a basket?"

She puts the last one in and covers them with a paper towel and hands it to me, i take it and hold it up wondering what im suppose to do with this "What do i do with these?"

"oh right, sorry i forgot to tell you earlier" she said "Take those to zayns house and welcome him to the neighborhood, maybe you can invite him for dinner friday, i'd really like to meet him and his family"

i gape at her, then i groan when i see the smirk spread across Felicity's face, i glared at her then turned towards my mom "Why don't you go?"

"Because im cooking dinner and i said so" she said turning around and continued what she was doing before shooing us away

i groan and take the the basket and walk out the door "See now we have a reason to go over" felicity laughs

i huff, well there is no turning back now were already half way to his house "Why don't you want to go over there anyway?" she laughs 

"I just don't trust him, he might be one of those guys who are nice at first then rude the next day"i said not sure if that made sense 

she shakes her head and lets it go, then we walked upto the door, both of us staring at the door "well are you going to knock?" she asks 

"Why dont you knock, your the one who wanted to come" i retort

She glares at me and motions for me to knock, reluctantly i bring my fist against the door and knock then i move two paces back, away from the door. Man how i wished he wasn't home, We hear shuffling behind the door, and something that sounded like he was unlocking his door 

Then the door swung open and there he stood, his hair was damp, he had black sweat pants and a grey tshirt, I looked over at felicity and she was practically drooling over him, i nudged her and she composed herself, he looked at both of us, probably wondering what we were doing here

"Err.. these are for you, my mom made me bring them over, she wanted me to welcome you to the neighborhood sooo...." i trailed off "Welcome" welp my job here is done, i was going to walk away but felicity glared at me as if she was saying 'Don't you dare move' 

"uhh, thanks" he said accepting the basket full of muffins, sounded more like a question

"Oh and Mrs. Graham wanted to invite you over friday for dinner" Felicity said then added "Well If you'd like", i wasnt going to tell him that, i didnt really want him coming over, i have a feeling about him and i dont like it.

Zayn nodded "Alright thanks, i'll see if i can make it" he said smiling/smirking. Here we go with the smirking, why do boys do that all the time

I rocket back and forth on my feet, not knowing what else to say, i pressed my lips into a thin line and stood there awkwardly "Well, we should get going we have to study for that test we have... for that one class" i said making up an excuse to leave

she looks at me confused "what test we don't even have a class together" then she realizes what i was trying to do, she mumbles an 'ohhh'

i mentally face-palm myself "Just.. lets go" i grab her hand and pull her along "bye" i say over my shoulder not looking at him

"Bye Zayn" Felicity says smiling and waving him a bye 

he awkwardly waves back to her and says bye and shuts the door

"What was that, you were suppose to go along with it" i whisper even though were are a few feet away from his house and he cant hear 

"Well sorry for not being a mind reader" she says sarcastically then we made it to my drive way and we go up to my room


Once Felicity left, i sat at my desk and had my laptop opened in front of me, i was going to do a cover song i just didnt know what song i was going to do, i was currently looking up songs on youtube. Trying to find a song but i coulnd't find the perfect one, should i make a music video to it.... nahh, ill just record my self playing on the  piano or something.

it was 9o'clock at night almost 10, and i still haven't found a song to do and I'm really tired, i just want to go to sleep already.



Sorry for any errors I wrote this on my phone

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