Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


4. Chapter 3



Kat's POV:




'In breaking new's, there has been another family that has been attacked by this strange animal, we still havent identified the animal. They have bite marks all over the bodies, there was only one survivor but they don't remember what kind of animal attacked them, it seems to me like her memory had been gone" The news woman says on tv


"All she remembers was she heard noises from downstairs and then she heard screaming, so when she went to check it out the animal attacked her and she passed out" They show where it happened, at there house, but they dont show the bodies or the survivor, all you could see was blood on the floor, they show a few pictures but they were blurred and you cant see it clearly.


Poor people, what kind of animal is doing all of this


I walked out the door and started my car and drove off to school, once i made it i parked my car in the student parking section.


I saw a car pull up a few spaces away from me, it was zayn's car


he didnt see me when he got out of his car, he shut his car door just before grabbing his bag and tossed it over his shoulder and walked towards the building.


i grabbed my bag and my coffee and shut my car, locking it. I zipped my jacket higher because it was really cold out, i watched my step as i walked over ice, making sure not to slip.


i shivered as i walked, every time i breathed out, a puff of air appeared. i held my coffee with both hands wraped around the cup trying to get my hands warm.




I grabbed my history book, a pen and pencil, white out in case i messed up and my notebook, then I put the rest of my things in my locker, then i shut my locker and grabbed my now empty coffee cup and dumped it in a near by trash bin.


Then i made my way to the stairs and climbed three flights of stairs just to get to my first period class, luckly i only have 1st and 2nd period on the third floor then the rest is on the second and first floor, so i dont have to do to much climbing.


i walked to room 314, my history class we were learning about the war and about what happened in pearl harbor, we took notes that my teacher, Mrs. Harris wrote on the board.


once we were done with the notes she put the movie in so we could watch, she fast forward the previews and started the movie, she turned off the lights and it was quiet, just the sound of the movie playing


a plane in the sky flying and the title appeared 'Pearl Harbor' two little boys were playing in a barn, they were playing on a shell of a plane with a wooden propeller. They made buzzing noises with there lips and pretened to play with the controls on the plane, the two little boys made machine gun noises, acting like they were shooting planes coming there way.


Thirty minutes into the movie, the guy was getting ready to go to his destination. He made it to some place where they were fixing there planes and someguy was showing him to the plane he was going to fly.



*** 3rd Period ***



I walked into the cafeteria, i sat at my ususal table waiting for Felicity to arrive, the cafe was starting to get full, everyone laughing and talking.


Finally she walked in and she sat in the seat across from me "Hey!" she said shouting over the loud noise


"Hey fel, lets get lunch, yeah" i said grabbing my Id card, she noodded and followed me towards the line, the line moved up fast and soon i grabbed a tray with a slice of pizza on it and corn on the side, i grabbed orange juice and then scanned my card onto the machine, while i waited for Felicity i grabbed a napkin and a straw and a fork


"So, did you see the new guy? he is so hot!" Felicity said taking a bite out of her pizza after we sat down


"Yeah, i meet him, hes in like 2 of my classes and..." i don't know if i should tell her that he's my new neighboor, she gets a little to excited and she might want to come over everyday just to see him


"And what?" she said looking at me, waiting for my responce


i sighed "He lives like 2 houses away from me" i said, here eyes widened


"Omg! really thats awsome," she grinned mischiveously like she got an idea "I'm coming over today" i groaned, "I knew you were going to say that" i laughed


We ate our food, talked about random stuff, boys, what we are going to do later on when she comes over


The bell rang and it was time for our free period




Its forth period now, free period went by so fast, now its my favorite class of the day.... music!


We were assigned to write songs or make cover of songs, of our favorite artists, band, whatever. Then we could make a video to it, of us doing anything or just singing playing an instrument


I love writing songs but I just haven't been inspired to, I haven't really written in a while. I guess I should get working on something.


The teacher was talking to students, mostly giving them ideas, tips on how to write a song. She would give us a week to work on them. She gives us this assignment every month.


If she likes the song/video she would show the class the video or we would preform the song in front of the class. I haven't actually sang in front of people, well anyone for the matter. I guess I'm just nervous to sing In front a bunch of people.


I was debating on writing a song or doing a cover, I still have no idea what to do.


I looked around the room, some students talking amongst each other, others writing in there song books out teacher gave us, some talking about random stuff not even paying attention, one kid was on his phone another was snoring in the back of he class. Then I spotted Zayn, he was siting there playing with his pen staring at his music sheet, he's probably going to write his own song.


For some reason I can't wait to hear him sing, I way to hear how his voice sounds and I want to hear the song he will sing, or what type the sing will be. He looked up and found me staring at him, he smirked and I quickly turned back facing my music sheet.


Alright time to focus, I looked at the clock on the wall. I have a few more minutes until the bell ring for the last period of the day.


I felt like I was being stared at so I looked around and found Zayn looking at me, I quickly turned around and tried to get back to work.


I can't focus. There is so much going on in here, so much talking I need to be alone in my room, well any room that's nice and quiet so I can concentrate. I can't work here it's to noisy.


I raised my hand trying to get Mrs. Lynch's attention, when she finally saw me she walked towards me "what's up kat" she said "how's it coming along, are you writing a song or doing a cover?"


"I'm still debating on writing it, I don't know yet" I said, that's not why I called her over though "anyway can I go to restroom"


"Alright let me know what you come up with." She said then she nodded, saying yes. I closed my book and got up and walked down three steps.


This room looks like an auditorium, there are steps that go up and on each step there are rows of tables I was on the third row. Not that far up, there were 8 rows of steps, the room was big but small at the same time. I guess you could say it was medium sized or a few feet bigger than the regular class rooms.


I didn't really need to use the bathroom, I just needed to get up and walk around. I felt uncomfortable in there for some reason, maybe it was because Zayn was looking at me, it's like he was looking into my soul.


The bathroom was right around the corner so I didn't have to do to much walking. I walked in the bathroom and walked up to the sink and stood there, I opened the faucet and wet my hands then I brought it up to my face lightly splashing myself. Then I dried my face and hands. It's really hot in that room as well, I slipped my hoodie off and carried it in my hand then I left the bathroom


I opened the door and walked out then I bumped into something hard, I looked up to see what it was I bumped into and there he was, standing right in front of me, smirking


I glared at him and tried to move around him but he blocked my way. I groaned "come on I have to get back to class" then I tried pushing past him but he wouldn't budge


"What do you want Dylan" I said annoyed, he's in my history class and he likes to annoy the hell out of me, the worst part is, he sits next to me. He wasn't annoying me today because he skipped class, I wish he would skip class everyday so I wouldn't see him. He tries to touch me inappropriately but I always catch him before he does, but when he does I punch him really hard, he even whispers inappropriate things in my ear, this one time he said the most disturbing thing ever I don't want to even repeat it.


"What I can't come say hi to my babe" he said moving closer to me


I glared at him "don't call me that and no you can't, now let me through" I said pushing past him


He grabbed my wrist which cause me to turn around and smack right into his chest, I huffed in annoyance "did you miss me today in class" he said leaning closer to me


I tried to get his grip off but he wouldn't let go "no, I didn't even notice you were gone" I said still trying to loosen his grip.


"Well I missed you, so so much. That's why I came looking for you, how about we ditch class and leave somewhere we could be alone" he said whispering the last part


I scoffed "definitely not going to happen, now can you please leave me alone and let me go" I said angrily


He smirked "how about you give me a kiss and I'll let you go"


I bit my lip to prevent me from yelling so I went along with it "alright let go of me first and I'll give you a proper kiss"


He finally let go and he started to lean in, he had his eyes closed and he was standing there waiting, I took it as my cue to move around him and I quickly ran into the classroom, just as I saw him open his eyes and he noticed I wasn't there, he looked pissed but I didn't care, I'm just glad I was out of there.


Once I sat down I finally decided on what I was going to do then the bell rang for the last period of the day, I had gym yuppie! just kidding I hate it.


I looked both ways to make sure Dylan wasn't out there and lucky he wasn't. Then I made my way to the gym room.


I walked into the locker room and changed into my gym uniform then when I was done, and the other girls were done, we made our way out the locker room to the bleachers where everyone else was. We waited for our teacher to come out


Then we waited for him to tell us what we were going to do for the period.

We were going to play badminton, I love that game, I'm really good at that game I could play for hours and not get bored or tired.





I walked to my car since school was over and I texted felicity to meet me at my car so I could just drive her to my house so se wouldn't have to waist her time riding the bus and then drive to my house.


I took out my keys to unlock my door when I was slammed against my car door, my cheek against the cold window. I groaned in pain I instantly knew who it was


"You think that was funny what you did back there, don't ever do that again or you will regret it" he said, I managed to shove him off of me


"Or what, what will you do" I said through my teeth


I smirked once again, he is always smirking one day his face is just going to freeze like that and stay that way forever "or I will do this"


He grabbed my face and held it as he kissed me, I squirmed under him, pushing at his chest trying to get him off of me


I pushed and punched his chest but he wouldn't move so I kicked his shin, he let go and he groaned in pain, then I pushed him and he stumbled "don't ever do that again or you will regret it" I said quoting what he said moment before


I saw felicity staring in shock and other people were watching and I turned to find Zayn watching the scene as well.


I rolled my eyes "come on fel" then she ran around to the passengers seat


Once we were both in she spoke " what was that about" she said


"Did you see everything?" I asked


"Just the part when he kissed you" she said


"Yeah well thanks for the help" I said starting the car then backing up and driving away. Then I told her everything that happened





I hope you liked this chapter. I tried to make it as long as I could.


My hands are numb from holding my phone and typing non stop. Ahaha

Tell me what you though :)

Oh and sorry for any errors

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