Heartkiller (Zayn Malik)

Katerina Graham was just your normal teenager

She wasn't popular, she was invisible, well at least she felt like it.

She didn't have many friends. She was a shy girl. She's 18 years old, senior (12th grade)

She loved to sing and dance, but no one knew that, Not even her parents.

Everyday after school she would stay and play the piano or any instrument she could get her hands on and start singing, she even wrote her own music, well at least she tried

Everything changes when she meets Zayn Malik.

Zayn is the new boy in her school. Since the moment he walked in her music class she knew there was something about him, something different from everyone else. He is mysterious, She wanted to find out what was so different about him.

But will she regret it?

Keep reading to find out what happens


3. Chapter 2


Kat's POV:


Ten minutes into the lecture someone came into class, i didn't bother to look up, thinking it was a student late like always or probably a teacher wanting to talk to our teacher.

Then i heard an unfamiliar voice and students around me gasped, i looked at the students, mostly the girls they had there mouths open, they were swooning at the person at the door..?

I decided to look at the front of the class and there stood a guy, he was tall, his hair was black, styled in a quiff. I couldn't see all of his face since he was standing from the side, suddenly he turned and his face was handsome, his jaw line was just.... and his eyes, his eyes were a golden brown, they were beautiful, like his face. i can see why the girls were drooling over him

Wait, eww, why am i describing him in my mind, Man Felicity was really starting to rub off on me. This is probably the guy she was talking about, well who everybody was talking about

"Alright class, this is your new class mate, make him feel welcome" she said to the class then turned back to the gorgeous man next to her, why did i just call him gorgeous...?

"What was your name again?" Mrs. Lynch asked him

"Zayn Malik" he said his voice was deep, but not to deep and slow. His voice actually sounded lovely, music to my ears. 

Okay, why am i thinking like this?

Because he is hot, just look at him. My subconscious says 

"Alright Zayn, please find a seat and i'll explain what we were doing before" Mrs. Lynch said

Zayn started looking around the room for a seat, when his eyes landed on me, he looked.... shocked?Confused? then it changed back to his normal features and he found a seat, three seats behind me. I felt like someone was looking at me so i turned around and there, Zayn was looking at me, just by the way he was looking at me, it looked like he was looking into my soul. I quickly turned around and pulled my hair behind my ear.

There is something about him...... I just don't know if its good or bad. I want to find out more about him, i just hope he isn't like the rest of these boys in this school, a jerk

Mrs. Lynch explained to him what we were doing and he got to work, well tried everyone kept talking to him asking him questions, and it was mostly the girls, they had there chairs around him, leaning in, one girl even lowered her shirt so her boobs were showing. I rolled my eyes, Eww... the things they do to get him to notice them.




The bell rang and soon it was time for fifth period, I had gym, i hate gym, but at least its at the end of the school day.

The gym room wasn't that far from my music class, it was just across the hall, i grabbed my bag and i walked out the class and walked my normal pace to the gym room, i walked into the locker room and opened up my locker to change into my gym clothes.

Girls started walking in and they started changing, once i was done i walked out the locker room and went to go sit on the bleachers where we wait for our teacher to come and take attendance before we start gym. 

The girls started coming out and then the guys started coming out there locker rooms and they sat at there regular spots, then the my teacher, Mr.Wood came out with someone and that someone was the new student, they were talking and i overheard the word "Gym clothes" 

Everyone was in there groups talking and i was just laying on the bleacher bored, when suddenly i heard my last name, i looked around "Katerina" Mr. Wood called again this time using my first name

I sat up and looked at him, i hate when people call me Katerina, its not that i don't like my name i just prefer Kat, I was named after my grandmother and she was named after her great grandmother and her great grandmother was named after her great great grandmother and so on, i hope that wasn't confusing, i kinda lost my self for a second. Lets just say that name was passed down generations, i don't know why, i guess they just like the name or something.

"Yes, Mr.Wood" i said walking up to him, ignoring Zayn. "Can you take Zayn to the school store so he could buy himself his gym uniform" 

"Uhh... Yeah, sure" I said, why couldn't he pick someone else 

"Thank you, Miss. Graham" ugh! Mr.Wood Does that he calls people by there last name, i nodded

"Follow me," i said to zayn and he started walking next to me "So... your new here?" i asked trying to make conversation

he nodded "yeah" ok this is awkward...... "how are you liking it so far?" i asked

"Its ok, you know, its just school" he said like it was nothing, i stayed quiet, not knowing what else to say, curse my communication skills.

We finally made it to the school store, they use to sell food here, then they stopped because people would steal, so now they sell the school uniform and school supplies, like books, pencils, paper, chap-stick, headphone, random stuff. 

We started walking back to the gym room "Where are you from?" i asked

"Bradford, England" he said

"Cool, i've always wanted to go to England, you know travel around places, Why did you move here, to New Jersey" i asked curiously 

"You ask so many questions" he said chuckling 

"I just wanted to know" i replied looking at the floor and kept walking

We made it to the gym room and i sat down on the bleacher and zayn went into the guys locker room to get changed.

once everyone was in line, Mr. wood took attendance we had to walk around the gym, when he would blow his whistle we had to run until he blew the whistle again and we would walk again, going in a pattern.

We had to do this for 15 minutes, which i hated so much. When we finished running around Mr.Wood set up volleyball nets and he took out the balls, he put us in groups and we started to play, i'm good and bad at volleyball, I hate it when people get competitive and start yelling at you because you missed the ball, so once they start getting competitive i don't do anything just to make them mad, But on the other hand, i can spike the ball and serve the ball, I would instantly get a goal.

I was on one side with 5 other people and Zayn happened to be on the opposite team, We started playing, Zayn's team ended up going first, They had 6-5, they were in the lead, soon it was Zayn's turn to serve, he caught the ball when they threw it to him, He go into position and looked uncertain to hit the ball, this should be interesting.

He tapped the ball lightly and the ball went flying over the net, it was like he hit it really hard. It was coming straight for me, i was scared, what should i do? hit it or move? i don't know! before i knew it, i hit the ball and it flew over the net, ouch, that hurt so much, i shook my hand to try to make the pain go away.

Lisa hit it over back then Tim hit it over again, when it made its way back to zayn he hit it and the ball went flying over, this time no one reached for it and they made a point, 7-5 

Soon it was my turn to serve, please we really need the points, I got in position and hit the ball with my wrist and it flew over the net so fast, Lisa ducked and it hit the floor, YES! 6-7

I served again i made another score and another. We had 8-7, i went to serve again and zayn looked ready, i served it and it went over he hit the ball back over and i hit it back, it was like we were the only ones playing, no one moved, like they were scared of the ball. 

i hit it and made sure for the ball to go away from zayn so he doesn't hit. I hit the ball and it went towards Lisa, her eyes widened and she ducked, just when i thought the ball was going to hit the floor zayn was right there and he hit it and it went over the net and it hit the floor scoring them a point. i stood there with my mouth open, how did he get there so fast? 

The score was now 19-18, Zayns team was winning with the 19 points while we had the 18. This was the last game, who ever score won, the points were doubled.


Zayns team ended up winning by 21 points, i finished changing back to my regular clothes and i went out into the gym room waiting for the bell to dismiss us, ugh! i cant wait to get home and take a warm shower.

The bell finally rang and i walked out the gym room and towards the front of the building so i could get to my car 

I saw Zayn get into his car, a black Bentley and he drove off, once i reached my car i entered it and started my car and drove off. (picture of Zayn's car --->) 

once i reached my house i parked it and went inside and dropped my stuff down and changed into black yoga pants and a white tank top and i put on my running shoes.

"Mom! i'm going for a run" i yelled and closed the door, i plugged my headphones on my phone and played my music, then i put my phone on the armband to hold my phone as i jogged.

I ran and ran soon i saw a familiar car, i slowed down a little bit to get a better look at it, yup it was the same car, i guess this is where zayn moved in, its a few houses away from mine, i continued running after a while i turned around and ran back to my house it was getting late and I'm tired and sweaty, i need a shower. I ran past Zayn's house and his car was gone.

I kept running, i was almost close to my house, i saw headlights in front of me, so i moved to the side so i wouldn't get hit, the car drove past and surly it was zayns. I ignored it and kept running. i heard the car stop behind me and i heard it reversing, soon it was next to me.  "Hey" Zayn yelled out the window

"uhh... hey" i said slowing down.

"Do you need a ride?" he asked "Its getting dark out and you'll never know if there is a serial killer on the loose?" he said chuckling

"Oh uhh.. no thank you my house is just up there, so no thank you?" i said pointing to my house, he looked to where i was pointing and nodded, why did i point to my house, he could be some crazy stalker dude for all i know. "Alright, well see yah in school" he said

"Uh yeah, see ya" i said and he drove away and i ran to my house. i opened the door and made my way to my room, then to my bathroom and took a shower.

once i was out my mom told me to come down to eat dinner and i went down stairs to eat. "So how was school?" my mom asked

"it was fine" i said shoving a spoon full of soup in my mouth 

"Hey did you know we have a new neighbor" my mother asked

"uhh yeah, i actually met him, outside and well at school" i said taking a sip of my water

"Oh really, whats his name?" she asked

"Zayn Malik " i said

"Hmm... the name sounds familiar, maybe i meet him before or his parents" she said

"hmm.. i don't think so, hes from England" i said 

her eyebrows were frowned like she was thinking "Hmm, your probably right, maybe i heard that name before"

Once dinner was over i helped my mom wash the dishes, my dad was at work so he should be here soon. When i finished the dishes i went up to my room to work on my homework.

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