Madly In Love {Calum Hood}

I stared at my phone. I wanted to dial Ashton's number but I can't. Oh fuck it I thought and unlock my phone and dial "Kelly?" Ashton voice gave me the chills. I haven't called my brother in a long time...


4. Chapter 4

 {Ashton POV}

I brought in bags of movies for Kel becuase she works today so I though it would be nice if I brought her movies and lunch. I jingle the key that she let me have for these four month, 'cause I'll be living to a other place soon. I suggled to jab the key in the hole while I still had the lunch bag with the movies hanging on my arms. The door unlock and I was saw Kelly on the balcony smoking away. I shook my head in disapointment She is back to smoking again I thought. I put the lunch bags and movie away on the dinner table and I headed to the balcony. I slid the glass door to get outside then close the glass door behind me. I saw that Kelly was crying. I opened my month to say something but noting came out. 

"I'm tried of smiling and nodding and acting that I'm happy for her," She took a hit of the cigarette and put it palm of her hand on the eage of the balcony wall. "She is just using him for the money." She chuckled then stop to frown.

"Amanda?" I asked "Are you talking about Amanda and Calum?" I asked. Kelly had a crush on Calum since forever but Calum always gave her the wrong signals. He would sometime place his hand on her leg and wink or would as her to eat somewhere. Kelly was falling for him hard everytime. It was kinda sad for her when he asked Amanda out to dinner and not her. She was crying and sobbing for weeks. We (as in me, Luke, and Michael) didn't telling Calum or Amanda why she was crying. We just kept saying that she was stress out from college. If we do tell them, it well just me a big mess.

"Everytime she comes home, she would tell me how Calum brought her this or how Clum took her out at this or that place and how Calum was going to take her to see this movie," I said explaned angry moving her arm and waving her hand to different directions, "I'm tried of hearing that shit," She  was in tears again. I got close to her. "I feel like yelled at her to shut the fuck up but then.." Kelly stops talking 

"Kelly," I got took the cigarette off her hand and into the ash tray, "Calum isn't the only guy in the world." I smiled lifting her chin up. She weakly smiled but then dropped to a frown.

"Everytime I hear about her day with Calum I want to cry and break down into to little bits." She softly cried as she stared at me with red eyes. "I hate feeling this way-" she was inturputed by the door opening. Amanda came in with pink roses and a big smile on her face. Kelly wriped her eyes fast with the back of her hand so that Amanda won't see. She ran into the living room and jumpped on the couch laughing and giggling. Amanda places down the roses on the coffee table. Kelly slowly sat down. 

"When he pickced me up and he got me these flowers!" She smiled holdin up the roses with her left hand and jumping up and down while her right left was tuck in, talking so fast.

"You mean roses?" Kelly put on a smile and laughed. Her laugh was so real I didn't know if she was faking anymore. She was nodding as if she was paying close attantion to every word she said and laughing to everything Amamda was laughing about.

"-Then we went to eat at this really fancy place he took me and I was wearing jeans and a shirt and I felt so out of place but he was soo sweet about it and he told that I didnt needed fit in this place beucase all of them were "fake" and he made me feel so happy that moment." Amanda went on and on about her day with Calum and Kelly frown. She was no longer crying and sad, she was just smiling.

"That was nice of him to say that." Kelly added.

"Yea. He's great. We should all hang out at one point," Amanda got up from the couch "I'm  going to change into to something more conforable." Amanda left to her room. I walked around the couch and sat next to her. Kelly had tears streaming down her cheeks. It hurt me alot to see her like this, she should just forget about Calum.

"Do you want to get out of here?" I asked her. she nodded and she got up to get her apartment keys. 

We drove off the road to my house that I was staying at and all I could see is that Kelly was just staring out the window listing to heartbreaking muisc that was making her sad and cry. I stopped the car and turn off the eninge of my car.

"Kelly, were here." I got out of the car to open the door for her and she got up to take out her ear buds.

"Right sorry." She put her arm around me from the side, hugging me as I rested my left arm on her shoulders and we walked to the house. We walked into the house and Michael and Luke's face lit up. 

"Kelly!" They all yelled happily. Kelly smiled letting me go to hug them.

"How's college?" Luke asked. His face was lit up like a christmas tree and he has his full attention to Kelly. 

"It's fine." she said but she wasn't really into talking right now. There was a pool that she was staring at and she looks like she really wanted to see behind the glass door. I snap back into myself.

"Kelly?" Michael asked confused. she smiled as she was alread paying attention to him, but then she turn to me.

"Do you mind?" she asked me as she pointed to the pool.

"Sure, go ahead." I flash her a smile and she walked towards it and open the glass door and sat down on the edge of the pool and she rolled her pants up to her knee and she dipped her toes into the pool and she kicked the water. She put her arms behind her while her palm of her hands were keeping her from slipping and falling backwards to the wooden floor board. Perfect time to watch the sunset.

"So," Michael said as spoke up. "How is she, really?" He sighed.

"Well," I began "She is back to smoking and she is holding a strong grudge over Amanda ir Claum,," I kept my vioce down "I'm not sure which one." I chuckled the last part. 

"Wow," Luke is as he let out a chuckle. "This is sure is a big drama over Calum." He shook him head.

"We can't blame her," Michael turn to Luke. "She was in love with him." 

"I know but I wish she could just move on and," Luke stops to stare at Kelly again "Find someone who will love her and care for her." Luke kepts his eyes on her and smiles but them frown, looking at us.

"Yea, you think weird things when you're in love." I added and started at Luke. Something wasn't right.

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