Madly In Love {Calum Hood}

I stared at my phone. I wanted to dial Ashton's number but I can't. Oh fuck it I thought and unlock my phone and dial "Kelly?" Ashton voice gave me the chills. I haven't called my brother in a long time...


2. Chapter 2

{Kelly P.O.V}

When I got home with Calum he made his way to the couch and throws his back on it. I put away the grocery and I look at Calum who was on his phone like always. I went to the couch and picked up my laptop from the coffee table and open it. I started to type for my notes and started to study.

"Wow. You type loud." Calum said, I looked up from the laptop screen and looked at him.

"Yea." I said and lightly laugh then I began to type again.

"What you're doing?" He questioned, tying to make a conversation.

"Just studying." I said plainly not looking up from the laptop screen this time.

"Don't you ever just want to take a break?" Calum asked.

"Yea, but I really want to pass this test." I said and while trying to focus on my studying.

"Oh come on," Calum got up from the couch and stuck his arm out with his hand open for me to grab it.

"You need a break." He said as his eyes where focus on mine. His eye was just so nice and calming but I'm sure he doesn't have the same feeling I do for him.

"Calum I just took a break. Plus I'm a little busy right now." I said and started to take notes on my notebook.

"Okay," Calum said, "I'm just going to take this away." Calum said as he slowly got my latop and close the top and set it down on the coffee table and took away my notebook, "I need that." I said while trying to reach my notebook but Calum just took it and though it across the room.

"Hey!" I said a little angry but Calum just picked up his phone started to type. I got up and went to the corner where Calum through my notebook and picked it up "Hey! You can not pick that up!" Calum yelled and quickly put his phone back into his pocket and slap the notebook out of my hands. I stood there think about the just happened.

"What was that for?" I narrowed my eye brow and looked at Calum who was again texting and he later put his phone again and smiled. I was wondering why was he smiling about. 


 After about ten minutes, there was a knock the door and I looked at Calum but he just had a smirk on his face. He walked to the door and open it to see Ashton,my brother, leaning on the fame on the door like a cool person would. Ashton was looking down at the old carpet floor of the apartment floor hallway.

"Ashton?" I said confused about what he was doing here. Ashton looks up from the floor.

  "Kelly? What are you doing here?" Ashton said as he then he looked over at Calum then at me.

"I live here." I said harshly. It's like doesn't like to see me.

"Really? Calum told me he wanted to hang out over his friend house but I didn't think that it was your apartment." Ashton said and laughed. I opened my arms hoping that he would hug me. Ashton fixed his hair and gave me a long hug. We both swinged side to side like penguins. We later broke apart and we all moved to the couch and we started to talk and have a good laugh.


My phone started to ring from my pocket. I groan and picked my phone from the coffee table and went to the kitchen so the guys didn't have to over hear. I pressed 'Answered' on my phone forgeting to check who it was, I put the phone on my left ear.

"Hello?" I answered into the phone.

"Hi! I need you to do me a big favor!" Amy said over the phone. Amy was a good friend of mine. She works so hard for her daugher, Madelyn. I call her Maddie for short. She in middle school and she is a smart kid and sometimes Amy would call me to take care of her or pick her up from school becuase Amy is so busy at work becuase of course being a single mom is hard you know. Amy is just 27 years old and had Maddie at the age of 16 years old, she didn't even get to go college and she stuck with a poor job that doesn't even pay so much. I met her in the apartment building when I was moving in, she was caring Maddie in her stomach and Amy was caring some stuff for Maddie I thought I might help. After that we became friends.

"Yea, anything!" I said with smile and leaned on the wooden table. 

"Pick up Maddie for me? I get out of work late." She explained. 

"Sure! I be on my way!" I said and hanged up. I walked back into the small living and getting my book bag.

"Hey guys," I said and put my book bag over my shoulder "I need to pick up my Maddie and when she comes try not to cuss infront of her, she is only twelve." I said while putting my hand on my hip.

"But that's no fun." Michael said and chuckled.

"I think she knows bad word already. Kids these days curse all the time. I'm sure she used them before." Luke said while fixing his hair with both of his hands.

"True." I said with a big sigh. "Lets not try to encourage her even more." I said and out my car keys from the table. "Don't break anything!" I said and left the door.

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