Madly In Love {Calum Hood}

I stared at my phone. I wanted to dial Ashton's number but I can't. Oh fuck it I thought and unlock my phone and dial "Kelly?" Ashton voice gave me the chills. I haven't called my brother in a long time...


1. Chapter 1

"Hey Kelly!" Amanda said as she opened the front door to our apartment.

"Yea?" I said looking up from my phone as I sat up from the couch.

"Guess what?" Amanda said as she holds in the excitement.

"I give up, what?" I said not trying.

"Really? It's on Twitter and Tumblr." She as she places the grocery on the dinner table. 

"In haven't been on Twitter or Tumblr," I placed my phone on the coffee table and got up to help her put away the grocery into our cabinet and the refrigerator, "School has keeping me busy and holding me back to talk to my internet friends." I laughed lightly.

"Well, let me fill you in," Amanda said as she put away the milk in the fridge "Your brother is LA." She said happily.

"So?" I said and shrugged. 

"Aren't you happy?" She asked confused.

"Do I look happy?" I said as I roll my eyes and walked to my room.

"Kelly!" Amanda said from the living room.

I stared at my phone. I wanted to dial Ashton's number but I can't. Oh fuck it I thought and unlock my phone and dial.

"Kelly?" Ashton voice gave me the chills, I missed hearing his voice but mostly I missed him but the fame made him busy and changed a bit. It's makes me mad. 

"Is it weird for me to call?" I lightly laughed.

"A little bit." He chucked over the phone.

"Should I hang up?" I said and we both laughed. 

"So, why did you call?" He asked.

"I heard you where in LA and I thought you wanted to hang out." I asked curiously. 

"Um," Ashton hummed "Sorry kiddo, I'm busy." he said sadly.

"Of course." I said and I felt like hanging up but I resisted.

"How about next week?" He asked.

" Next week!" I said as I choked on my water. everytime he couldn't hang out he would just said "Tomorrow" or "Later on" but he never been so busy for us to schedule out meet up.

"Kelly, it's not easy here." He said a bit angry.

"Neither is University, Ashton! I go to a University that is hard to get into and they have the hardest teacher their! I can't do next week. I have a test I need to study for." I got up from my bed and rubbed my forehead. My brother sighed though the phone "Forget it, were both busy." I said and hanged up the phone.

"Everything okay?" Amanda said as she looked from her phone.

"No," I said as I fell on the couch and slowly shifting my body to the right as my head was on Amanda's laps, I was starring at the coffee table that was in front of me.

"I miss Ashton." I mumbled sadly.

"Then call him." Amanda said.

"I did." I flips on my back to face the ceiling.

"And?" She asked curiously. I rolled my eyes.

"He was busy and I wont see him intill next weel," I said and sighed, "I'm going to bed." I said and slowly walked to the short and small hallway and made a right turn to my room, I open the door and fell on my bed and while my face hit the pillow.

{next day}

"Kelly." Amanda said as she carefully shook me while I was trying to sleep, I groan "What?" I get up while I rud my eyes.

"What's going on?" I asked raspy.

"I'm going to work and I left some food in the table." She said and was off to her job. I nodded my head and fell back to sleep.

I open my eyes and I check my phone and its 12:47 pm and groan. I got up and stretch my arms and legs, I gave out a loud sigh. I got up and my bare feet was touching cold wooden floor. I slow made my way to my closet and got a simple shirt and some jeans. I took a towl and went to the shower. I took a half an hour shower and comb my hair and put it into a pony tail. I walked into the kitchen to find cold food on the kitchen table, I got a fork and soon devourded the food. When I was done I took my laptop from my desk and brought it to the living and turn on the TV and started to study. Yes, with the TV on. I find it better that way. I decide to take a break and see what is there to drink, water, how boring. I got the house keys and drive to the grocery store. I get my some cash and put it into my pocket. When I get there I get what is most needed.

I payed for everything and carried the bags into my car.

"Kelly!" a voice said. The voice was so familiar. I swear it sounded like Michael. I turn my head and see it was Michael! I smiled. Michael pushes someone towards to my parking space. I couldn't see who it was because he was far away. I stood their waiting for something to happened but nothing did. I shifted my body to the right to get a good look at him. I looked at the shopping cart and I still have two more bags to put away, I put them way and closed the turk and I locked the car. I put the shopping cart away and I walked towards the guy standing there. As I got closer I smiled more and more. I couldn't believe it was Calum. I smirked and began to slowly walked away from him.

"Wait!" Calum said and so I did.

"What?" I said "Are you going to stand their for 15 more mintues and not say anything?" I said and put my hands on my hip and just lightly laughed. 

"I didn't know what say! I just haven't seen you for awhile." He said as he followed me while I walked away, I made my way to my car. I unlock it and put my hand on the door handle.

"You can start with a smiple "Hey" it's not that hard." I laughed. I wasn't angry at him, I was just messing around with him it's been a while since I joked with him and plus I miss him. Calum was on the other side of the car.

"Sorry." He said sadly.

"For what?" I said as I got into my car

"For not saying anything." He said as he also got into the car with me. 

"I'm not mad if thats what you're saying "Sorry" for." I laughed once more.

"Good." He said and we both laughed.

"So what are you doing in my car?" I said as I started up the car.

"Michael left me so I thought I'll hang out with you for a while." He said as he rudded the back of his head.

"I do have to study but I guess I could take a break from school." I smiled and I drove to my apartment.


I hoped you liked this chapter! It took my while to gets some ideas but I made it though! Don't for get to Like or Comment if you liked it so far! Thanks for reading! <3

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