Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


9. Tour?

Harry's POV

I call my agent and she said she has the perfect place for me. She's great. She always finds the best houses and at the best prices. We arrive at the house she told me about. I walk hand and hand with Autumn to Tiffany. She talks as we look at the house. Autumn let's her imagination run wild saying wear everything can go. I smile and watch her. She's beautiful. Me and Autumn talk and we decide that we need a house and fast. This one has no problems so it's perfect. Me and Tiffany talk prices and stuff like that while Autumn looks around again. Me and Tiffany shake hands and we leave.

Anne's POV

Harry was gone. With Autumn. How could he be so stupid as to do that. Now I lost my son. I cry into Robin's shoulder. "We'll find him babe." He says hugging me. Gemma's crying too. We call the boys and tell them. They were shocked. Louis didn't seem to be upset. "I think he's happy and what you did was wrong!" He says. I was shocked. "They love each other and you all judged them and punished them for something they can't control! You're terrible people!" He says before leaving. How dare he come into my house and say that. Liam broke down into tears. "He's right." He says. The others were on the verge of crying. They agree and leave.

Louis' POV

She was wrong. She pulled them apart. They can't control who they fall in love with. She's the mother, she's supposed to be supportive! I go home but they weren't there. They come home soon after. Laughing and talking. He hasn't told her. "Harry can I talk to you?" I ask. He nods and follows me to my room.

"You haven't told her, have you?" I ask.

He sighs and shakes his head.

"Mate, you can't just leave her. You have to tell her." I say grabbing his shoulder. He nods.

"I can't leave her here. What if my mum finds her?" He asks. This is crazy. He's never been this in love before.

"We'll make sure she's safe." I say. We walk back to see Autumn and El talking. "Hey babe." I say kissing her. Autumn walks to Harry.

Autumn's POV

I walked to Harry and I could tell he was upset. We walk down the hall. He takes me hand and kisses it. "Autumn, I'm going on tour." He says. My heart brakes. "Oh well that'll be fun." I say trying to be happy about it.

"Yeah but I'll be gone for a long time."

"It'll be ok. I'll be waiting right here for you. Well I'll probably be in our house by then." I joke. He laughs. Yes he's happy. "I love you Autumn." I kiss him. "I love you." I said. "Now let's go talk about random ass stuff." I joke. He laughs and takes my hand as we walk to the living room. Was I upset? Very. I wasn't going to let it show. I knew he would give up on it to make me happy. I had already pulled him away from his family I'm not taking anything else. Like I said we would we talk about random stuff. "Les go to bed Lou." El says yawning. I had halfway fallen asleep on Harry. They get up and leave.

Harry's POV

Lou and El leave and it's just Autumn and I. I turn on the tv and flip through the channels. It took me forever but I found family guy. Hehe Peter. I laugh and I accidentally hit the remote. It changes to the news. "Shit!" I exclaim. Autumn sits up wondering what happened. She turns to the tv and I could see her fighting her tears. "Autumn it's ok she won't find our house. You'll be in there in 2 weeks. That's two days after I leave." I say hugging her. I knew my mum would call the cops on Autumn. Especially now that I had run away with her. She can find me but not Autumn. I'll make sure of it.

Sorry it took me so long to update I was super busy. Well the question is, will Anne find Autumn? What will happen when Harry's on tour? Will Autumn be able to handle the long distance? Find out in the next chapter but don't forget to like and favorite :)

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