Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


1. The Family

Autumn's POV

My mum is gone and my dad left me. I have been sent to this family. All I know is they have 2 kids and both parents. When I arrived I had dirt on my face from the lack of bathing. I had been on the streets after I ran away. The only people I saw was the mother and the father. "Hello Autumn I'm Anne." She said. "And I'm Robin." The man said. They held out there hand but I didn't move. They closed there hands slowly put them by there side. "Harry, Gemma we want you to meet someone!" She yelled. A boy and a girl came down. I looked no one in the eye. I could feel someone looking at me. They both said hello and the boy seemed distracted. I stayed quiet and still not looking at anyone. "Autumn why don't you go upstairs and take a shower. You can use some of Gemma's cloths." Anne said. "Thank you." I said quietly. She smiled at me and Gemma led me upstairs. She showed me the bathroom and handed me some cloths. I took a quick shower and dressed quickly. I was going downstairs when I heard them talking about me. "Why is she here?" Harry asked. "We're just watching her until they find her a new home." Anne said. "She seems nice but she's so quiet." Gemma said. "I know just try to get to know her. She's been through a lot." Anne said. Harry nodded and so did Gemma. I waited a minute then went in. "Thanks again for the cloths." I said. "You're very welcome. Until we find you a bed you can sleep on the couch." Robin said. "Actually mum can I go to Sarah's house for the week?" Gemma asked. "I think that's a great idea." Anne said. "Great thanks mum." She said. She ran upstairs and came back with a bag of stuff. She left and Anne and Robin left too. I thought I was alone until I heard Harry. "So what's up with your accent?" He asked. "I'm from Ireland I ran away from my foster home and came here." I said. "Wow why did you run?" He asked. "I don't know I didn't like it." I said. "Why not?" He asked. I chuckled at him. He seemed so curious. "I uh I don't know." I said. He gave me a plate of food and a cup of tea. "Thank you." I said. "So where's your parents?" He asked. I hesitated I didn't like talking about it. "Um you know I'm not very hungry just tired." I said. "Oh well I'll show you Gemma's room." He said. He showed me the big pink room. I chuckled at it. The bed was huge and there was so much space. I sat on the bed and looked at Harry. "I'll be across the hall if you need anything." He said. I nodded and he left. I laid down and fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up and went to meet with the boys. I didn't even see Autumn. Gemma wasn't there and my mum was still asleep. I left and found the boys at Starbucks. "Ah there you are lad." Louis said. I waved. The rest of the boys were waiting and greeting me. "What's wrong mate?" Niall asked. "Nothing why?" I asked. "You seem distracted." Louis said. "Is there a girl?" Zayn asked. "What? No." I lied. They all laughed and teased me. "I can't go out with her anyways." I said sadly. "Why not?" Louis asked. "Well not now anyways, my family is watching her until they can find her a new home." I said. "Woah dude she's your foster sister and you like her? Wow." Zayn said. "Temporarily." I said. "I wish I could give you advice." Louis said. "Oh well I have a girlfriend anyway." I said. "Oh yeah how is it with Kendall?" Liam asked. "Great she's a lot of fun." I said. "I'm going on a date with her tonight." I said. They exchanged looks. I rolled my eyes and said I had to go.

Autumn's P.O.V.

I got up early to see Anne cleaning. "Good morning sunshine." She said. I smiled at her. I didn't want to get attached when they were going to abandon me just like everyone else. I went to the living room to see Harry. I sat next to him and there was silence. "How did you sleep last night?" He finally asked. "Good and you?" I asked. "Good um I told my friends about you and they would love to meet you." He said. "Sounds great." I said. For some reason I could talk to him better than anyone else. I grew tired and I yawned. He laid my head down on his lap and I fell asleep.

Harrys POV

She looked so beautiful when she slept. 'This is so wrong. I can't help it though.' I thought. I fell asleep soon after she did.

"Harry I love you." Autumn said. "I love you too." I said. "What if your parents find out?" She asked. "I don't know but I won't let anything come between us." I said like Romeo. "I can't live without you." She said. I kissed her until my mum came in. "Harry?!" My mum asked. We just looked at her. "What-what's going on here?" She asked. Autumn cried into her hands. I tried to comfort her but it didn't help. "I love her mum!" I said.

"Harry wake up." Autumn said making me wake with a jerk. I was glad it was just a dream. "What were you dreaming about?" She asked. "Nothing..erm..just a bad dream." I lied. I couldn't tell her about my dream. She would freak out and leave. It would be my fault. She looked at me with worry in her eyes. "I'm ok I'm just glad it was a dream." I said. At the same time though I hoped it was real. Is this wrong? I just have to forget about her. Then Kendall texted me. "Hey can I come over ;)" she asked. I guess that's one way to get Autumn off my mind. "Yeah come quick;)" I texted. "Hey I'm gonna go to my room." I said. She nodded and I went upstairs.

Autumn's POV

Harry went to his room and I stayed there. About ten minutes after there was a knock at the door. It was a girl. "Hello is Harry here?" She asked. "Yeah upstairs." I said letting her in. She went upstairs and again I was alone. It was late and I was tired. I went upstairs to Gemma's room and went to sleep. I woke up early and went downstairs. I was in a good mood for some reason so I made breakfast. I made pancakes, sausage, eggs and biscuits. I had learned how to cook from my mum before she died. Anne came down completely surprised along with Robin. "What's this?" She asked. "I don't know I was in a good mood and I cook when I'm happy." I said. "Haha Harry does the same thing." Robin said. "What do I do?" Harry asked. The girl was there wearing Harry's shirt and boxers. My heart broke for some reason. He slept with her. "Turns out Autumn here cooks when she's happy just like you." Robin said. "Oh Autumn this is Kendall, my girlfriend." Harry said. She waved and smiled. I smiled back and gestured for them to sit. "Wow they really know how to cook in Ireland huh?" Anne asked. "My mum taught me." I said quietly trying to fight the tears. I played with my necklace my mum had given me. Every time I touched it I could feel her hugging me and remember stuff about her. Anne reached over and placed her hand on mine. I smiled at her. Something about this family was just better than the others. Harry had a smile on his face but I could see unhappiness in his eyes. I ignored it and ate. "Autumn you have school tomorrow so I don't want you staying up late ok?" Anne asked sweetly. I nodded and went upstairs. I could hear everything they were saying. "Why does she have to go to my school?" Harry asked. "Because she has no friends besides you." Anne said. I heard Harry storming toward me so I ran upstairs. I jumped in the shower and let the warm water run down my back. I washed my hair and body with the cherrie scented products. I got out and wrapped myself in a fuzzy towel. I went into "my room" and changed. I came out and Harry was sitting on the couch and Anne and Robin were sitting on a sofa. I sat next to Harry and watched tv. Everyone was talking and laughing but I stayed silent. "Autumn what's wrong?" Anne asked. "Oh nothing lost in thought I guess." I said. "Oh well I was thinking we could go shopping today." She said. I smiled. The last I had gone shopping was a week before my mum had died.

"Mum for the last time I don't wear slacks." I said. She laughed and hugged me. "I love you Autumn." She said. "Mum someone from school is gonna see me." I whined. I ran towards a hoodie and focused on it.

"Autumn?" Anne asked pulling me from my flashback. "What?" I asked wiping the tears from my eyes. "We don't have to go." She said. "No it's just the last time I went shopping was with my mum. I would love to go again." I said. She smiled. "Well why don't we go now?" She asked. "Ok let me go get my phone." I said. I don't know why I felt so comfortable with this family but I liked it. I got my phone and went back downstairs. Anne took me to a store that I didn't really recognize. Nothing was really catching my eye. "So what do you usually wear?" She asked. "Skinny jeans, jackets and t-shirts." I said. "Huh that's usually what Harry wears." She said with a small laugh. I saw a blue hoodie and loved it. It had the Disney sign on it. I loved Disney movies. They were always just phenomenal. "You like that?" She asked noticing me staring at it. "Yeah." I said. "It looks like something you would wear." She said. She grabbed some other cloths and paid for them. I was never the girly type of person.

Harry's POV

I decided to hang out with Louis while Autumn and my mum were out. "So when am I going to meet this Autumn?" He asked. "Later today her and my mum went shopping." I said pretending like I don't care. "So do you still feel the same way about her?" He asked. "I-I don't know." I sighed. "What do you mean?" He asked. I took a minute to think. I didn't know how to say it. "I feel like its wrong but every time I see her it's like fireworks go off in my stomach." I said. "Dude you feel like its wrong because it is. Although you've never been like this before." Louis said. "I know she's different. I-I'm-" "You're in love." Louis interrupted. I sighed. "I don't know." I said. Then Kendall came in. I was confused. How did she even know I was here? "Hello Haz." She said pecking my lips. "Hey babe what are you doing here?" I asked with a fake smile. "I saw you in the window so I thought I'd come in and see you because I miss you." She said. I nod and turn back to Louis. Then I remember I can't talk about this around her. It'll break her heart. Louis rolled his eyes but I ignored it. "I had fun last night." She whispered in my ear. "Me too." I said. "Well I better go." She said. I nodded and she left. "Anyways, I can't wait to meet her." Louis said. "Yeah well I better go." I said. I said goodbye and left.

Autumn's POV

Anne drove me back to her house. I guess it's my house too. We passed a little boy with his sister. I thought of my twin brother, Niall. I hadn't seen him in forever. We were separated when our dad left us. Which was shortly after our mum died. It was all so much to take in. I was worried about him. My mum told me to take care of him. "Something bothering you?" Anne asked. I pushed back the tears. "No I'm ok." I lied. His name was quite popular now. I missed him. She pulled into the driveway and I went upstairs. I put my new cloths on. "Much better." I said to myself. I was supposed to meet Harry's friends today for some reason. "Autumn hurry up." Harry said. I went downstairs and he chuckled. "What?" I asked. "Nothing I just like that look on you better." He said. "Oh well shall we?" I asked. "Yep and I'm sure you know this but my friends are 4/5 of the one direction band." He said. "Who?" I asked. I wasn't allowed to listen to music at my old foster home. "Oh this is gonna be fun." He said. I laughed and walked to his car. "I'm sorry I don't know who your band is." I said. "It's ok I just didn't want you to freak out." He said.

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