Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


21. Our Babies

Autumn's POV

~*~2 Months Later~*~

Couple of weeks before the babies come. Harry and I were excited. My beautiful babies are gonna be here soon. Why am I wet? Oh shit!

"Harry!" I yell god this hurts. He comes in and sees me. He smiles.then the second. I change and we drive to the hospital. They lay me in the bed and Harry's right next to me. He takes my hand and kisses it. I was breathing in and out as he told me to. They started to tell me to push. Oh my god this hurt so bad! Then another push. This one hurts the most. Then I feel the doctor pulling it out of me. I here a small cry.

"Hi Grayson." He says. My baby boy. Then another contraction. I push like 6 times before she decides to come out. I here a small cry as he pulls her out. Harry holds Grayson and I hold Anne.

"Beautiful." I whisper.

"Just like there mum." Harry says.

"I love you Harry." I say.

"I love you Autumn." He kisses my head. I hold Anne's little head gently. She's so small. Her eyes are still closed. She opens them and she has bright green eyes, like Harry. She looks at me and I put her binki in her mouth.

"Harry she's got your eyes." I say.

"Grayson's got your eyes." He says. We switch babies and I look at Grayson.

"Hi my beautiful baby boy." I say. I kiss his head. I have a son and a daughter. We put them in there little outfits that sorta match but are still different. Then there was a knock at the door. Niall and Louis come in with balloons. Harry and I laugh.

"Niall they're twins, like us." I say. He smiles and looks at Grayson.

"You wanna hold him?" He nods. He takes him and holds him close. I snap a picture. Louis holds Anne carefully. I take another picture. The rest of the boys come in and the babies are passed around. I'm so tired. Giving birth to two babies really drains you. Harry puts them in there little beds and tell me to get some rest. The boys leave and I fall asleep.

Harry's POV

My beautiful, beautiful babies are here. They're perfect. They must get that from Autumn. She was sleeping along with the twins. I was talking to Niall.

"They're beautiful." He says.

"Yeah," I breathe. "I'm so scared."

"Why? She's ok." He says.

"What if I can't be there for them? With tour and stuff, I'll be gone for a year." I said.

"Take them with you." He said.

"No, it's to dangerous. I'm not gonna risk the lives of my family. Those fans will kill her."

"You'll figure it out. You're both pretty smart." I smile and hug him. I look at Autumn now awake. I walk in and wipe my tears.

"Those don't look like happy tears. What's wrong?" She asks.

"I'm just scared that I won't be a good dad." I say.

"Harry, you'll be a great dad. I've seen you with your little cousins. They love you." She says. I laugh at the way she said it.

"With tour and stuff I'll never be here." I say.

"Take us with you. We can get Paul to watch us. Harry you'll be a great dad." She says. I smile and kiss her hand. The babies wake up and I give Anne to her and I take Grayson. As soon as they see us they stop. Grayson grips my finger in his hand. I smile. Our babies. Autumn and I's babies.

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