Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


13. I Don't Care

Harry's POV

I hadn't heard from Autumn and I was worried so I called her. "Hey." A different voice said. "Kendall?" I ask.

"Miss me?" She asks.

"Harry hang up now!" I hear Autumn yell.

"Kendall if you hurt her I'll-"

"You'll what? You don't even know where I am. You can't run to the cops either they'll just take her away." She says.

"Harry hang. Up!" Autumn yells louder. I hear Kendall slap her. "Kendall what do you want?!" I ask getting angry.

"You." She says. I freeze. "Harry stop! Talking!" Autumn says. "Say one more thing and it'll be the last thing you do!" Kendall says to her.

"Kendall just take her I don't care." I lie.

"What?" I hear Autumn and Kendall say together.

"Take her. I was getting tired of her anyways." I lie.

"What?" Autumn asks sounding hurt. Stay strong Harry. I'm sorry Autumn.

"Oh please like you didn't see it coming." I say. A tear falls onto face.

"Bye Kendall. Have fun you two." I said and hung up. Maybe she would think it's no use and let her go.

Autumn's POV

He just gave me away. How could he? I thought he loved me. I was obviously wrong. I begin to cry then I remember my hands are untied. Oh what's the point. She should just kill me. I have nothing to live for. Niall hates me and Harry doesn't care about me. "Just kill me." I said.

"Why should I? You can live through this." She says. I sigh. I get up and she let's me go. I walk home with tears running down my face. They fall one after the other. Harry calls me when I get home. I ignore it. Why is he calling me if he doesn't care.

"Autumn plz tell me your ok." He texts.

"Why do you care? Oh wait you don't." I say.

"It was an act Autumn plz I knew she would let you go." He says.

"OMG Harry don't scare me like that!" I said.

"I'm sorry but plz r u ok? Did she hurt u?"

"Well that slap hurt but other than that no."

"Good gtg make sure you lock the doors." He says. I laugh. "Ok." I say. I walk into my house and go to bed. I shut my eyes and sleep and dreamless sleep. I woke up shocked that I actually slept.

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