Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


8. Caught

Autumn's POV

Harry had returned with his mum and I was glad. I didn't know what happened but I knew it wasn't good. I walk into Harry's room where he was. I sit by him and don't speak. I hear him sniffle. I look over and see him crying. "Harry what happened?" I ask hugging him. "They're adopting you." He says.

"Really?" I ask smiling.

"Autumn if they adopt you, we're officially siblings." My heart brakes.

"What are we gonna do" I ask sadly.

"I-I don't know." He says sobbing more. I lift his head up and kiss him. His hands come to my hair. It was our most passionate kiss we've had. Then the door swings open. Anne. I pull away and see her standing there looking angry.

"What-what's going on here?" She asks. I sob into my hands. Harry tries to comfort me but it's no use. She takes my hand and drags me out shutting and locking Harry's door. "No!" I fight. I try opening his door but it's no use. I hear him on the other side fighting to get out. She drags me out of the house. "You're lucky I'm not calling the cops." She says. I walk to see Harry looking at me from his window. I cry harder. He cried too. I see Anne pull his curtains together. I walk until I can't anymore.

Harry's POV

My mum took my phone and locked me in my room. "It's for your own good." She says but she doesn't understand. I love her. I cry for hours and hours. I know my mum went to bed and Robin did too. I open my window and slip out. I climbed down a tree and went to find Autumn. I had taken a bag with me. Yes I was running away. I run and walk until I find her in an alley. I run to her and hug her. She cries on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry Harry." She says. I pull away and kiss her. I notice she doesn't have her ring on. She pulls it out and I slip it on her finger. I smile and kiss her again. "Your mine." I say. "I'm yours." She says making me smile. I take her hand and walk. We arrive at Louis' house. It was late so it took him a while before he could get to the door. I told him about my mum and that we needed to stay there. He let us in with a nice Louis smile.

Autumn's POV

When Louis let us in, Harry threw a blanket on my and kept asking if I was warm or ok.

"Harry I'm ok, I promise." I say with a chuckle.

"Oh Autumn, I have something for you." Louis says. He brings out a blue wrapped box with a red ribbon. I open it to see I ton of jawbreakers. I scream and throw them. I jump into Harry's arms and tremble. "Get them away please." I beg. He rubs my back saying I'm safe and it's ok. Louis was laughing his ass off. Harry glares at him. "That wasn't funny Lou." He says. "I'm sorry Autumn." Louis says putting one hand on me. "Whoa you're really scared." He says. "No shit Sherlock!" I exclaim. He laughs. "Why are you scared of them anyway did you choke on one or something. Then I see it. The girl. She's so pale. She wasn't expecting it. I shutter at the thought. "Ok I think we should get some rest." Harry says so I don't have to explain. We sleep on the couch together.

I woke up and Harry was crying. "Harry what's wrong?" I ask. "It's your fault! My parents are gone because of you!" He says. I'm hurt. "We're through! I hate you!" He says. Tears pour down my face. "I'm sorry Harry!" I sob.

"Autumn! Autumn wake up!" Harry says waking me. He hugs me comforting me. "Autumn what'd you dream about?" He asks. "You hated me. It's my fault your not with your family." I say. He hugs me again tighter. "No Autumn no. Don't think that. It was my choice not yours. I love you ease don't think that." He begs. "I love you Harry." I say. I meant it more than anything. "Let's go get place to stay. I have money you since I'm in the most popular boy band in the world?" He brags. "Shut up. No one likes a bragger." I say. I stand up but he pulls me down. "You do." He whispers. I kiss him. He leans in more but I stand up making him fall. I laugh and steal his bag. I grab my cloths and run to the bathroom. I change and get out. He was changed and ready to go. I slip on my shoes and we leave.

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