Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


15. Better Than Words

Autumn's POV

I read the long message. "Harry please come home you're my son. I love you an if Autumn makes you happy, then I'll allow it. In fact I'll support it. I just want my son back. I'm sorry for pulling you away from her. I was shocked and you gotta admit it's wrong. I just told you we were adopting her. I'm sorry Harry just come home please." She begs. I could hear her crying as she wrote it. I look at Harry with sad eyes. "We have to go and see her." I say. "I'll go you stay. I can't risk it." He says. I nod. He gets his stuff and leaves. I was alone again. It feels like I've been sick for a year. Barley leaving the house and having no one to talk to unless it's on the phone. Louis always scared me. Even when he wasn't trying. He would say something about a surprise and I would freak out. I watched tv and was still bored. Then I noticed my old piano. I sat down and played. I smiled as my fingers switched and moved. I smiled as I heard the music I made. I played for hours. Remember the songs I wrote as a kid.

Harry's POV

I went to my mum's house and knocked on the door. If she even tries to talk me out of being with Autumn, I'm leaving. There's no words to describe how I feel about Autumn. To say I love her is an understatement. To say I'm in love with her is still an understatement. My mum swallowed me in a hug when she saw me. "Where's Autumn?" She asks.

"She stayed at home." I said not smiling.

"Oh you guys have a house now. That's good." She said. She let's me in and I sit on the couch. This is the same couch when I had my first dream of Autumn. The first time I talked to her. I smile as I remember. Then I push it away. "Harry ease come home." She begged. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Mum we're ok and we have a nice home. We're both doing online classes and I have One Direction." I said. "It's not about that Harry. It's about me missing you. You're to young to live on your own." She says. "I've been doing it for a year now." I said. She sighs and nods. "I know." She says. "If you promise not to be harsh we'll visit. I can't risk loosing her." I said. "I know." Was all she said. "I'm gonna go home. Bye mum." I said and left. That was really hard for me. I couldn't stand to do this to my mum. I go home to hear a piano. Autumn must have left the radio on. I look at it and it's off. I look around to see her playing. It sounded beautiful. She didn't see me. I took this as my chance to scare her without making her cry like she does with jawbreakers. I sneak up behind her and scream. She screams and notices it's me. She hits my arm and yells at me.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to scare me like that?!" She yells. I pout knowing she can't resist.

"I'm sowy." I say like a baby. She gives in and kisses me.

"Dang it. You did it again." She complained.

"What?" I ask sitting next to her pressing random keys.

"The face you do. I can't say no or be mad at you when you do it." She says and I laugh. She places her hands on the keys and starts to play 'What Makes You Beautiful'. I smile and start to sing. "I love you Autumn." I say. She looks at me. "I love you Harry." She says. Then I hear a knock at the door. I answer it to see Kendall.

"What do you want? I'm not getting back together with you."

"Actually I came to apologize. You know, for taking Autumn." She says.

"I forgive you Kendall but-" She cut me off with her kiss. I push her off and see Autumn slap her. I hold her back. I shut the door before Autumn slips out of my finger tips.

"That bitch is gonna regret that!" She said.

"Autumn calm down. It's ok." I say with a chuckle.

"You're mine not hers mine!" She says. I laugh and kiss her.

"All better?" I ask. She smiles and nods.

"Partly." She says. I kissed her more.

"All better." She says happily.

"Hey I wrote yo a song. Wanna hear?" I ask. She nods.

"I don't know how else to sum it up

'Cause words ain't good enough, ow

There's no way I can explain your love, no

Ah, woo

I don't know how else to sum it up

'Cause words ain't good enough, ow

I can't explain your love, no

It's better than words" I sing. She smiles and laughs. Not like a laugh saying that it's stupid but a happy laugh. I kiss her and get up. "Come on let's do school now." I say pulling her up. We get our laptops and do our work.

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