5 months!

Management made Harry find a new girlfriend due to 1D fans thinking he just has one night stands and leaving them. What happens if Rose has to be one of the girlfriends. READ TO FIND OUT


2. NOOOOO!!!!!

Rose's pov

" Yes, yes good. Rose put a little more lips into it" My photographer said, I was in the studio wearing a light blue dress with sequences on it. I was so tired because i didn't much sleep, I have finish the photo shoot at 11pm and start again at 3am. Don't they know Models are human-beings aswell ugh.

I put more lips into the pose while the white flashes burned my eyes. I have been modeling for 2-3 years now and i still haven't gotten use to it. The flashes stopped, the wallpaper in the background was moved and everyone hurried to the food table.

"You did great Rose, you have a meeting with Paul Higgins in a hour so chop chop" My Photographer Eric said. I nodded and walked into my dressing room changing into..

It took me half and hour to change. I grabbed my sandals jogging to Mr Higgins office. What does he want now, the last time i talked to him is when he asked me to be Harry Styles girlfriend, lets just hope it's not this again. 

I knocked on the door hitting it 3 times, standing there impatiently. The door was opened by a mop of curls, oh dear lord kill me right now. I walked inside slowly seeing Paul sitting behind his desk UGH!

"You wanted me Mr Higgins??" I said Nervously
"Yes, Please sit down" He replied
I sat there waiting...
"I was wondering if you could be Harry Styles Girlfriend-"
I got up, i was tired of him asking this sort of thing. I'm over this.
"Please sit down Miss Stella let me finish"
I groaned in annoyance sitting my bum on the uncomfortable chair
"As i was saying. If you consider being Harry Style's girlfriend for the next 5 months. It will not only give you publicity but we will also give your family $5 million for both of you's." He said.


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