Hogwarts freeze

Elsa is the princess of Airandel soon to be queen.she has the power to frezze things.Anna is her younger sister.when they were younger they were playing with elsas powers.she hit anna by acitent and aunnagot a blond streak in her hair.Now years later Aunna and elsago to Hogworts.aunna still has now idea about elsas poweres.what can go wrong with a bunch of Hogworts decendenc and two prinnces?


1. the letter


Anna's p.o.v

It was just another day at the castell,or though I thought.I slipped out of bed.I looked down at my p.g's,they were blue with snowflakes,they use to be elsa's.I smilled at the thought of my sister.she nver came out of her room.once I tried to slip in when I was younger and my parents thretend to put me in the dungon if I tried to get In again.My smile fell as I thought of my parents,they had died in a storm out at sea.My mind floated back to when I tried to get into elsa's room.i woundered why  my parents got so mad?all she wanted to do is see her sister.the next week her parents left and went on the ship.The next day I got a pair of my p.g's and put a note on it it said,dear Elsa

hi its Anna,i miss you.will you pLease come out and play?here are some of my pagamas so you can remeber me.love you.

your sister,


I walked down to the dinning room and ate breakfist.A owl swoped in through the window landed in front of me.it was addrased to me.once i took it the owl flew away.weierdly no one noticed the owl.after breakfest i ran upstairs and opened the letter.

dear prinnces anna,

you have been exepted into Hogworts school of witchcraft and wizidrdy,please get the fowlling things bellow.

I scanned the list a bunch of books potichen stuff e.c.t what caught my eye was that I needed a wand.I looked down aparintly the head master was Harry Potter.I lay back on my bed,me a witch......asome!!!!!!





I layed in be with my gloves on.The troly my parents set up so i could get food without anyone coming up,dined telling me i could order breakfeast.I scribeled a note that said i wanted lemonade,a pankake,apple,and egg.i  set it down and ploped down on my bed.tthe trolly ringed and there was a note,it said my breakfist would be ready in a hour.I decied to take a bath.I walked into my bathroom.I got a towel and put it next to the shower.I got in the shower,i did my hair and washed my body.45 minutes later i hopped out and went to chose somthing to wear.I chose a blue sweater with  jeans and fuzzy socks.the troly buzzed with my breakfest and schoolwork.just becouse im cursed dosen't mean i dont have school.i sat down hade breakfest and did my school work.When i was done i set my dishes and schoolwork down the troly.All the sude a owl swopped in my room dropped a letter in front of my feet and flew away.i opened it,it said,

dear queen elsa,

you have been exepted into Hogworts school of witchcraft and wizirdy.below is a list of what you will need to get,

i scaned the list,i needed a wand....cool!the headmaster was Harry Potter.I was so exited.No one knew me i wasnt a freak who was looked in her room all her life!I was so exited!




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