Hogwarts freeze

Elsa is the princess of Airandel soon to be queen.she has the power to frezze things.Anna is her younger sister.when they were younger they were playing with elsas powers.she hit anna by acitent and aunnagot a blond streak in her hair.Now years later Aunna and elsago to Hogworts.aunna still has now idea about elsas poweres.what can go wrong with a bunch of Hogworts decendenc and two prinnces?


2. a trip to london



i was in my room packing.Someone named profeser.Longbottem was talking me to get my supplies,and the i would stay with a family called the wealslys until it was time to go to school.I paked my clothes,toothbrush,hairbrush, and a bunch of other stuff.that was my suitecase of things i needed to bring.i luged out another suitecase with stuff i din't have to bring,but wanted to.First i got a pitcher of me and Elsa from when we were younger.Then i got my teady bear.I know it sounds silly but,i heard the maids say something about elsa having a troly to deliver food to her room.the next day when Elsa was asleep,i went up the trolly and went into her closet.in the back there was a blue teady bear with snowflakes all over him,there was a note that said"give to Anna"so i took the teady bear and left.finaly i put Elsa's old pair of pajamas in.Finaly i was ready to go,i lugged my stuff downstairs where a man was wating for me."hello i am profeser.longbottem,ill take you to get youe things today"ok. i replied.we walked outside and over to a boat.we will have to sail to the airport.said proffeser longbottem.ok.i said,so happy to be outside again.we set off and then i looked back at the docks.standing there was Elsa getting into a boat.I tried to yell but i coudn't."sorry i had to do that ,you see ther would be too many qustions if people saw your sister"."do what?"i asked."A charm,its a type of spell you will learn it in school."asome! I said.we got to the airport and borrded a plane.when we arived in london we went to a place called the leaky caldron.we are going to wat here for your sister.said profeser.longbottem.Asome!I was going to see elsa again!I was so excited!




it had been two hours and elsa and who ever was talking her had not shown up.All the sudden a owl came swopping in and lannded right on my head!"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"i screamed. Thankfully proffeser Longbottem grabbed the owl."ahhh,"he said,"its from Harmonie.""who?"i asked."ohh she was talking your sister to meet us but they have been delaid,she said to go without them"oh....ok"i said near tears.


We walked outback. professor longbttem took out his wand and tapped some bricks.The walls opened into a arch way."wow"i said.my mouth was hanging open.Not the most princess thing to do but still.Professor longbottem chuckled. "proffese-please, call me nelvial.


hey guys sorry i dint mean to publish.so im doing this thing at the end of every chapter ill put up some notices. since i dint mean to publish ill make a part 2.also im doing a character compation,here is what you need to enter.



personalty (ill chose your house for you!)

what you look like

pet(if you have any)

quidtch(if you play,position,also there will be tyoutes)

are you friends with Anna,Elsa,a enemy?e.c.t

anything ulse!

p.s.ill chose the most creative.

thanks i love you guys!!!

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