Only At Night


1. Dreams

I jerked upright suddenly, the screams from my dream still echoing in my ears.

I glanced down at the spurious glowing light illuminating from my clock. 2:30 am. I closed my eyes, struggling to compose my rapid breathing. When I opened them again, I glanced up to the only other light in my room, it was coming from the moon, full and bright, it lit up my room even through the cracked and distorted panes of glass that filled my window. I threw my self out of bed, standing momentarily diverted in the center of my cramped room. I then turned to the window and, using raw muscle power, managed to wedge it halfway open. The shivers that controlled my body turned into vicious convulsions as the winters night air swirled around my room. I stared back into the eyes of the moon, letting its power engulf me.

I turned abruptly, and pulled my holly grey jumper from off the back of my chair. Pulling it over my head, I grabbed my necklace from beside by bed, and raced downstairs and into the night.

I wandered slightly farther out than usual, venturing deeper into the black forests. I pulled at my necklace the whole way, tracing the shapes along the chain. I payed little attention to where I was going, the majority of my focus was on my dreams. I didn't understand any of what they meant, I knew I was gifted, but that was nothing unusual, but could I really be dabbling with black magic? I shuddered coming to a stop in a clearing and folding slowly onto the ground. I traced the moon design on my necklace, for luck and protection. Huh, I snorted, luck and protection seemed permanently repelled from me, I couldn't seem to have a nights sleep without having to leave the house. 

I turned my thoughts reluctantly back to the topic of black magic, the first sign was to see through the dreams of others. I shuddered again, but not from the cold. They could have just been dreams, I tried to convince myself this, but I wasn't ever going to kid myself that. They could be something else maybe, a sign of another power perhaps. Kira had had strange dreams before her shift. But now she was a Kota, and she'd soon discovered that she could control air pressure, and was in training for her gift.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't even notice when the shadows began to move. They swirled around me, changing and shifting shape. The first thing I felt was a sudden awareness that I wasn't alone. I was alert instantly, scanning the shadows of the trees for any sign of movement. Then, flickering like two candles in the wind, two bright eyes appeared in the darkness. They were too low to be a humans, but something about them told me that they were no animals eyes either. 

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