story of my life


1. story of my life chapter 2

So when i was going to go to jamines her mom said no so i got a little pissed. but luckly that was just major and i got over it. That night i got home and i wanted to watch a movie that had Petta out of the hunger games, so i watched the hunger games. then i got my lazy butt off the couch and went and got a big bag of doritos turned out it was empty so then i went and yelled and my sister and she said ïf you dont yell at me i will tell you something fun that we are doing this weekend. and i said ¨wat¨. ¨we as a family are going to six flags this weekend witch is tomorrow so i went to sleep cause it was like 10:00 pm and i woke up like 20 times so then at 6:00 every one got up to get ready and i got dressed brushed my teeth and went off a 2 hour drive to Velejho, California 

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