2. The Flat.

I slowly walked through the door. It was one of them awkward moments when you go to somewhere you've never been before, and you don't know where to sit. When i eventually sat down i ended up perched on the edge of the chair that Chantelle was sitting on. 

I felt awkward, so lit up another cigarette, asking politely to Nick's friend Matt before doing so, i gathered that I was able to smoke inside due to the numerous ash trays scattered around. I was staying at Chantelle's tonight so it didn't really matter about me smelling of smoke, just when i went home, as my Mum didn't know that i smoked. We sat there chatting to each other for a while before i heard a deep voice say "So who's this then?"  It wasn't a familiar voice to me, so i looked over to see a stubbly face, he looked slightly scruffy, but he looked rather attractive, i'm not sure what it was, just had something about him i guess. I don't know why i thought this as i was told he was 25. Guess you can think what you want in your head when no one knows what you're thinking. 

"Al" i replied, (This was my nickname, i'm quite a obscured person, keep myself to myself before i get to know someone). 

The night continued to flow, good conversation, some banter, just casually hanging around with friends. Before i knew it, it was time for me and Chantelle to head to hers, we said goodbye to everyone and left.

Halfway on the walk to Chantelle's house my phone beeped, i got a message reading 'Hey beautiful ;) xxx'

i didn't know the number so obviously the first thing i did was ask who it was. 

I got a reply about 10 minutes later saying 'i've just met you, it's Matt. xxx'



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