The struct moments


3. Chapter 3: Miley And I

So it has been a month since I met Miley. Since then, Miley and I have been sorda friends. And she has been texting me hanging out with me. I got to met her body gard's Fred,Robbie and Shawn.

So i was really feeling down cuz of all the bulling and rumors. So I talked to her and she said if u follow your dreams anything is possible. And in this case you have to stand up to the bullies.

Miley helped me and I was so happy I met her I acted like she was a normal person, like my friend, best friend even.

Miley only makes out with a sluge hammer because she still loves the pain. She swings on a wreaking ball to show that her heart broken. And Robin Thick, so what if Miley went to far. If your going to ask her to preform Blurried Lines with her she's gonna touch and twerk you.

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