One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


2. Wake up

Phils pov

'Hurry up Dan. It can't take you this long to tie your laces.' I complained to Dan.

'Just one second' he replied while taking forever. I got bored of watching dan so I looked over the road and I saw her.

She was one of the beautiful girls I had ever seen. Her long brown hair running down her back and her chocolate brown eyes glistening in the sun.

The next thing I knew, I was waving at her and she waved back. But then I saw something she hadn't, a car was coming right at her. I tied to reach out but it was too late. She was hit.

I grabbed Dan, who had now finished tying his laces, and ran to the girl. I saw lots of people call for an ambulance but nobody knew her name. I decided to check her pockets for a bus pass or license. Something that had her name on.

Sure enough I found a bus pass. Her name was Emily Oakland and she was 22 years old.

When the ambulance came I couldn't leave her as if it had not been for me distracting her, she would have made it over the road fine.

The paramedics let me get in with her and I told Dan I would be at the hospital. When we got there they told me to go to the waiting area.

3 hours later

They finally let me come in and see her. They then told me something that killed me inside. She was in a coma.

I spent all day with her and Dan had came and gone to explore. I decided to spend all night there too just encase she woke up.

3 days later

There was no change. She was lying there still, but breathing. I had my hand in hers as support to myself. Dan had came and told me I should go home. I refused again so he gave up and stayed with me But then she moved.

Her hand moved, I could feel it. She moved it again. 'Emily, Emily! Are you awake?' I asked her with so much excitement in my voice. Dan looked at me in shock.'Did she move?' he asked but I ignored him.

Then she spoke, her voice quiet but I could still hear it. 'yes' that's all she said but it was enough. She was awake, she was ok!

I told Dan to get the doctors. I swear, I have never seen him run so fast. The second he left she opened her eyes and looked at me in shock.'Is this a dream?' she said but asking honestly. I couldn't speak I was so happy she was ok so I just shook my head.

Soon enough the doctors were in and they took her away for a check up. I told Dan what she had said and he gave a small chuckle. Apparently he found it was funny that she thought it was a dream.

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