One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


6. The kiss

Emily's pov

Three months later

I finally have my cast off so I'm free! To celebrate I went round to dan and phils. This is not unusual as I hang out with them every other day, I couldn't work so i was aloud time off while getting paid.

This time I was aloud to pick the move we watched. I never get to pick. I picked the toy story. My all time favourite movie! We assumed our normal positions of me and phil on the sofa and dan on the floor.

I sometimes wondered why he would always sit on the floor, I guess I liked it that way.

We began the movie with some popcorn in front of us. After about fourty five minuets dan threw a pice of popcorn at me. Then another and another so it threw a pillow at him. He threw one at phil and I turned into a pillow fight.

Dan called himself the king of the pillows. Before I knew it I was running away looking for pillows first in my room. There were only two. Then I tried in Dans room but when I opened the door I was hit by the pillow king who seemed quite happy with himself. That was until I threw a pillow at him.

I quickly ran into phils room to hide. I ran round his bed to hide behind it phil was there too but he didn't hit me with the pillow he was holding in his hand.

I looked at him and I remembered how perfect he was. I looked into his eyes and I felt my heart skip a beat. We both leaned in knowing we were going to kiss but neither pulled away. Then I felt it his soft lips against mine.

It was perfect.

When I pulled away slowly I looked into his eyes and blushed. He smiled at me. We both forgot about the pillow fight until we heard the door open and saw dan throw a pillow at me. In anger of him ruining the moment I threw a pillow as hard as I could towards him. This made him take a step back.

I stood up, gave phil a quick kiss and ran off after Dan. Phil followed means we destroyed dan once and for all.

I then went to the bathroom and when I came back I heard phil talking 'It was perfect in every way up until you came in and threw a pillow.' He was talking about our kiss and he too thought it was perfect. In the silence I took my chance to come in and not look like I've listened in.

We went back to the movie and I cuddled up to phil. When the movie ended I went back home. I had work the next day.

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