One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


8. Suprise

Emily's pov

One month later

'Lauren's coming today! Get up and out of bed! Remember to stick to the plan. Act like we're just friends then I'll tell her. Ok? Thanks! See you at the airport!' I yelled down the phone at phil. Lauren was coming today so I wanted everything to go perfectly.

Even thought we have dating for a month now I decided not to tell Lauren and make it a surprise so I could see her face. I'm not mean so don't judge me.

By 12:45 we were all at the airport, me dan and phil. They both looked calm even though they knew she was going to fan girl big time.

Then I saw her with her bags on a trolly. She only had two small suitcases but she was too lazy not to use one. I ran to her with open arms giving her huggs. 'oh my god! I have not seen you in months! I miss you so much! Tell me everything. What are Dan and phil like?' she squealed at me.

'Why don't you tell me?' I said to her while pointing at the boys. She then went mega fan girl on them. She had no controal over herself.

After pulling her off dan, the boys took her bags to a taxi we called for. 'I don't know what came over me.' she said calmly after realising what she had just done.

I couldn't keep her calm for long so I called over phil who came running over. We then kissed right infront of her. It was a great kiss but I was most looking forward to seeing her face. I let go of phil to see Lauren practically in shock.

But then she screamed out 'omg! omg! omg! You two are dating! I can't believe this! How long has this been going on! Why didn't you tell me! I'm so happy for you! Does dan know?!? Are you really dating!'

She stopped out of breath. But I could tell she would start again in a second so I replied to as many as possible.

'yes we are going out. Its been going on for the past month. Dan does know but somethimes he wishes he doesn't. I didn't tell you because I wanted to see your reaction.' I breathed in between my words so they weren't just a blur like hers.

Out of no where she hugged me tight saying 'Im so happy for you!' I think she went even more insane althogh I don't think that's possible.

We all then junes in our taxi back to mine. Lauren had finally calmed down after a solid hour of being super exited.

I took this time to tell her that chris (crabsticz) and pj (kickthepj) were coming the day after tomorrow and we were all going to sleepover at dan and phils.

Lauren fainted.

She woke up after I threw a glass of water on her face. It was so funny. After that fan and phil went home and me and Lauren gossiped all night. And I mean all night. We pulled an all nighter like when we were 12.

This was going to be a fun week. 

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