One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


9. Sleepover

Lauren's pov

I still can't believe Emily is friends with Dan and Phil. Or that she is dating Phil.I'm so happy for her but I wish something that amazing would happen to me.

Last night we pulled a all nighter gossiping. I told her about how Carl was and how he will freak out when he finds out she has got a new boyfriend. She told me about Dan and how if you buy malteasers and hide them. He will find and eat them by the next day.

Dan is so amazing but he probably hates me after I fan girled all over him and phil.

Today we decided to have a buffy the vampire slayer marathon at the boys flat. I never really liked that tv show, unlike Emily who loved it. I was just looking forward to going to the boys house and to see dan again.

We stopped past a coffee shop that Emily worked at and I met Kelly her boss and friend. She was such a nice girl and she liked dan and phils videos.

We then went to a small shop to get snacks. We got a lot but we needed a lot. Finally we got to the home of dan and phil. It was all I dreamed it would be although I didn't tell anyone that of course.

We put in the first disc and Emily and phil cuddled up together feeding each other popcorn. I was in the floor with dan. At the scary parts I would hide myself in his chest and he would hold me.

It was perfect.

After spending all afternoon there we went home and slept.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and got ready to meet all of the boys. At 11:15 we were ready we went to the coffee shop where we would meet the boys. This time I was ready so I wouldn't fan girl all over them.

When they came through the door I squeezed Emily's hand and she let out a little laugh. 'hello pritty ladies.' chris said to us in a sexy voice. I was lost for words. We all went to the London zoo.

We were like children when we were there pointing at all the animals and holding them at the petting bit. It was a great day.

After the zoo we went to the boys house. Me and Emily had dropped off our stuff the day before. We all got in our pjs even pj. When I was done I went to living room and stopped to ease drop on the boys conversation.

'I think I like her but I don't think she likes me in that way. I want to be more then friends.' dan said but I had no idea who he was talking about. 'Lauren does love you. It's in the way she looks at you.' me! They were talking about me. I then did the same technique Emily did when she was dropped on phil.

We then all sat in a circle. 'lester have a talent show,' chris yelled out. We all agreed so chris went up first as it was his idea. He did impressions, of course. They were so funny we couldn't stop laughing.

Next it was pj who got us all on the sofa and he drew us. He was good and quick. He then gave the finished drawing to me as a gift.

Dan and phil sang the phantom of the opera and it was hilarious. Dan sang so high but not very well. Phil sang low and it was kind of good.

Finally,cut was mine and Emily's go. I played the guitar and she sang to A team. It was a maxing and Emily had a perfect voice.

After we were done we had a vote for who to win. Me and Emily voted for dan and phil mainly because we couldn't vote for ourselves. Everybody else voted for us, we won! As a prize we won one extra pizza. Dan ordered seven pictures, one each and one for a prize.

The rest of the night would be amazing as long as I don't fan girl.

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