One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


3. Making new friends

Emily's pov 

'Where am I?' I thought to my self. I was lying in a very uncomfortable position unable to move. My eyelids were locked shut. The only thing I could do was listen to some talking. 

I heard a boy say 'Please move or speak just to let me know your alive.' I felt his hand in mine so I tried to squeeze it but I couldnt move. I tried again and again until it worked. Almost instantly I heard the boy say 'Emily, Emily! Are you awake!' 

I was able to move my mouth a little bit so I said 'yes.' I was happy I could move but I still didn't know who this boy was. I heard someone run so I opened my eyes.

Next to me I saw Phil. Not just any phil but a very exited Amazingphil.
Without thinking I said 'Is this a dream?' I just couldn't believe he was there next to me.

He let out a little chuckle but was stopped when the doctors came rushing in. Behind them was a out of breath Dan and not just any Dan, Danisnotonfire.

Before I knew it the doctors took me for a check up. 

1 hour later.

They had finally finished the longest most detailed check up ever and were willing to let me go home. Then phil and Dan came in the room I was in. The nurse asked if they could help me contact family to look after me. I told them I had no one here. Almost instantly phil said that he would look after me.

Dan went back to his and phil came with me to my flat. I couldnt believe phil wanted to look after me! When we got to mine we ordered a pizza and watched a movie.

It was getting late so I told phil he should stay over because London was not safe at night. He went to the spare room after making sure I was ok. I couldn't believe he was doing this for me. He was a Internet celebrity and I was only an Internet watcher. I never said no of course, it was perfect.

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