One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


4. Day out


I woke up with the sun shining on my face, I must have forgot to close the blinds. I tried to get out of bed but I remembered I had a cast on my right leg. After 10 minuets I was out of my bed and going down the hall on my crutches. When I got in the kitchen I saw phil in a shirt and boxers. I stared for at least a minuet before he saw me.

I went as red as a tomato!

He chuckled and did pretend model poses. We laughed for a while after that. Being the gentleman he is, he made me some coco pops. After we were done our long breakfast of mostly talking I got dressed.

When I finally got dressed and washed I went into the living room and found phil in his phone still in his shirt and boxers.

I got him a shirt that was to big for me but perfect for him and some big shorts I had lying around. He thanked me and quickly got changed.

He came back and gave me quite a shock when after five minuets he said 'Hey! Do you wanna go out around London?' I immediately answered 'I can't do much walking remember.' 'Let's go on a boat tour' he replied happily.

We then grabbed our phones and money and left for the river. The moment we got outside we saw a taxi and got it. Phil told the man where to go and we were off.

When we got there I got out and phil quickly payed the man. 'You didnt have to do that.' I told him. 'it's my treat' he said stubbornly.

We climbed on one of the tour boats and grabbed a seat. It was beautiful!

'let's do the scene from titanic!' suggested phil in a eager voice. I couldn't say no. We made our way to the from of the boat but I didn't climb up as it was almost impossible for me. 'I'm flying Jack!' I said in my best Rose accident. Phil held me and I couldn't have felt safer.

I loved the way he held me, the way he smiled at me, the way he was always up for a laugh. Most importantly I loved him. I actually liked him!

When the tour was over phil suggested we should go to his for a movie night. So we went back to mine to get me a toothbrush and some pjs. I was staying the night apparently according to phil who had rang dan.

'Are you ready?' phil asked when I left my room. 'Yes, let's go watch a movie!' I practically screamed. On the way there I checked my phone.

13 missed calls from Lauren!

I rang her and she answered in a happy but angry tone. 'oh my god! where have you been? Tell me everything!' I told her everything, the car, phil, dan, the boat journey but not the part about me liking phil because he was in the taxi with me. 'I told you! I told you, you would meet them on the first or second day!' she yelled down the phone.

The rest of the conversation was about Carl, home and more about San and phil. By the time I got to dan and phils  

I was exhorted! Dan told me to get in my pjs and we all watched buffy together. I knew every episode back to front so I focused on phil. He was cuddled up to me.

It was perfect, the way he held me and i felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Dan was on the floor his eyes glued to the screen.

After about 10 episodes dan had gone to bed and me and phil turned the tv off and he went to bed.

This was the start to an amazing life!

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