One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


5. Day in


Phils pov

I wake up to the smell of bacon. It was 8:30 so I knew it wasn't dan. I climb out bed and walk into the kitchen to see Emily smiling at me holding a plate of bacon. I sat down on the breakfast bench and she placed the bacon in front of me.She then got herself some and we sat and eat and talked together.

After the best breakfast ever, I got changed into normal clothes and tried to find matching socks. I failed! When I got into the living room I saw dan sitting watching videos in YouTube with Emily. They seemed happy together. I was jealous! I had knew then that I liked Emily and everything about her.

Dan got up and walked to his room but turned around and yelled 'I'm going to make a video!' he may have only been a few meters away from me but he still wanted to shout.

I turned around to see Emily signalling me over. 'Do you wanna play portal 2 multiplayer?' she asked after noticing we had the game. 'Yes!' I said very happily. 'but im player one.' I added in.

We played for at least two hours unknowing of the time. We only knew we had been playing for that long when Dan came in the room saying 'I can't believe it took me two hours to shoot a video.'

Me and Emily just laughed mostly on the fact we had been playing for hours.

It's lunch so we decide to be lazy and order pizza. While we eat our food we watch a movie. Dan picks the first scream movie. After half an hour into the movie I feel Emily hide her face in my chest. I see she is terrified to I comfort her making her less jumpy.

By the end of the movie we Finished our lunch and Emily was practically buried into my skin. Apparently this wasn't as scary as some of films she has seen.

At 2:30 she went home giving me a hug on the way out. I shut the door and turned around to see dan smiling. I knew what he was thinking but before I could say anything he said in a childlike way 'you like her don't you! Don't lye to me because I know when your lying.' I answered before thinking saying 'so what if I do.'

Dans smile grew bigger then ever. I didn't want to talk to him now because he would make me tell him everything. I decided to make a video about hair models or anything.

In truth, I did really like Emily!

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