The Holiday

Annabelle, an amazing artist, is forced on a family holiday where she meets that someone special.


1. short story


"come on kids, we need to bored the plane now. That means you too, Annabell." my mum said to all of us when we heard that our plane could be boarded. With the help of Paul my step dad, we all got onto the plane in time.

We found our seats and sat down. Me with my mum on one side of the aisle and Paul with my two younger sisters on the other side. My mum turned to me and said "I know you hate family holidays and you would rather be at home, but please try to enjoy it for me."

She was right, I hated family holidays. I would be bored and Paul would see this and take us around the shops or somewhere else just as bad. But I would try and enjoy it for my mum.

The plane journey to the west coast of Spain was four hours long. I took this time to sleep. I put on my headphones, listened to calm, quiet music and fell asleep. I woke up with my mum shaking me gently telling me we had landed.

We got off the plane and the heat hit me. I was used to cold Manchester, so this was a nice change. We collected our bags and caught a taxi to our hotel. When we got there we went to our room. It was so beautiful and stunning. It didn't have chandeliers or marble statues, it had so much artwork.

I was doing A-level art because I loved it and everybody, including all my teachers, said I had talent. I spent all my spare time drawing and sketching.I once sold one of my doodles to a stranger for £100 because he said it was perfect. I've sold more of my work and it makes me feel good to know that people like my work do much, they are willing to pay for it.

After looking at one price of art I realised my family had went to bed. I took this chance to have some time to myself. I got changed into my swim suit, grabbed my sketch pad and pencils and went down to the pool. I found a lounger and set myself up there.

I looked around for inspiration on what to draw. Then I saw him! He was a boy about my age, with long, wavy, dark brown hair that matched his shape and tan perfectly. He had a couple of muscles and a dark tan.

I quickly got out a pencil and opened my sketch book to start drawing him. I spent half an hour drawing him as he sat in the jacuzzi. The only thing wrong with him, was that he never smiled. But then he did, when he looked at me.

I drew it and he looked perfect. I let go of the picture for a second but it got caught in the wind. Thankfully it was caught, only it was caught by the boy I was drawing. He looked at it and chuckle. Did he not like it?

He came over to me and handed me the picture. 'thank you.' I said to him quietly. 'Is it me?' he asked. 'do you like it?' I replied. He nodded so I guess it was a yes. 'yes it is you. You don't mind do you?' I said nervously. He just smiled at me, I guess he didn't mind.

'I'm marcus wilson by the way.' he said after a small silence.

'I'm Annabelle hope but people call me belle.' I replied.

We spent the next hour chatting and talking about our life. Apparently marcus had dropped out of school, for personal reasons. We only spent a minuet on that topic. Also his parents owned the hotel and lived in it.

After our talk Marcus picked me up, out of my chair and dropped me in the pool. Then to top it off, he cannonballed in. This made a big splash. We spent the rest of the day together. I felt like I knew him all my life.

By 7:00 Marcus had to go home and help his mum make dinner. After twenty minuets of being alone, my family come down. I told my mum about Marcus and she said 'I told you that you would love this holiday.'

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