That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


17. You've Got Some Explaining to do

Niall's POV

"Uh... Harry what's up?" I asked closing the door slightly so he couldn't see inside.

"Can we talk it's about Ashley?" Harry asked looking very upset and I felt bad for him I could tell he had been crying.

"Now's not a great time." I said trying to be as polite as possible with out giving away too much.

"It'll only take a second." Harry said pushing past me and into the room.

I ran to catch up to him but it was too late. I saw Harry walk into my living room and stop as he stared at Ashley on the couch.

"What is this?" He asked looking between the two of us.

"Ashley called me and asked if I would come get her." Which wasn't a lie it just wasn't the whole truth.

"But Ashley is much better friends with Louis and Liam and they are also closer, so why would she call you?"

"Um..." I tried to think of an excuse but couldn't.

"It's you isn't it? Your the reason she was going to break up with me! Before she found that picture."

All I could do was stand there.


Ashley's POV

I was having a dream that I was floating on a cloud and it just went on forever. When I heard yells coming from above me. I opened my eyes to see both Harry and Niall standing next to me. Crap!

"It's you isn't it? Your the reason she was going to break up with me! Before she found that picture." I heard Harry yell and realize the truth. I got up quickly trying to calm him down.

"Harry please stop." I grabbed hold of his arm trying to keep him from doing something stupid.

"NO! Get away from me! Both of you! You were supposed to be my friend Niall and you betrayed me!" And with that Harry stormed out of the room leaving both Niall and I speechless.


It's now 6 o'clock and I've stayed at Niall's all day just talking about what we were going to do. One Direction has a concert tonight and Niall has agreed to let me come so I can try and explain everything to Harry. I have finished getting ready and Niall and I chose to drive separately so we could talk through what we were going to say.

When we got to the venue it was big but much smaller than the last one. A guy once again showed us to our dressing rooms and this time I followed Niall into his only to see all the guys there including Harry. I looked at him trying to gage some sort of reaction out of him but there was none.

I walked over to Harry as he continued to  look down at the ground. "Can we talk?"

All he did was scoff and look the other way.

"Dude what's up with you?" Louis asked shoving his arm.

"We broke up." I told the guys and watched as all their faces turned to shock.

"Oh man I'm so sorry! What happened?" Louis asked looking up at me since Harry didn't really seem like he was in the mood to talk.

"Um... well."

"You want to know what happened? She likes Niall and Niall likes her." Harry cut in giving both of us a disgusted look.

"Please just let us explain what happened." Niall said stepping forward.

"No you don't get to explain! Neither of you! Niall you were my friend and you betrayed me. And you." Harry said pointing at me.

"You're just a whore who couldn't keep her hands to herself!" Harry spat at me.

"Hey! Don't say that about her! You cheated on her too remember?" Niall spat back stepping in front of me in a protective stance.

And before you knew it Harry's fist connected with Niall's face and I watched as Niall stumbled back and fell to the ground. I immediately got up to check on Niall along with Liam and Zayn as Louis held back Harry.

"We will NEVER be friends again. You mean nothing to me!" Harry yelled as Louis pulled him out of the room.  

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