That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


19. Taking Sides

"You guys have some explaining to do." Louis says stepping into the room.

Niall instantly grabs my hand and it makes me feel so much more secure that I have him with me. The guys all take a seat looking at Niall and I to start explaining. I look at Niall and give him a look telling him that I'll start.

"Ok well I've always liked Niall the most, even when I was just a fan. When I met you guys I knew he had a girlfriend and I wasn't going to over step and ruin that for him so I realized I was going to have to get over him. So when Harry asked if I wanted to stay at his place I agreed because I didn't want to stay by myself and Harry was really cool. That night he kissed me and I'm not gonna lie I felt something between us." I stopped there and looked at Niall making sure he was ok with what I just said. He gave me a smile signaling he was so I continued.

"When we went on our date I learned more about him and I liked him even more and the thought of Niall just started to slip away. But, when my dad told me that I wasn't allowed to see Harry anymore Niall was the one who found a way to come and comfort me. That's when I realized I might still have feelings for Niall. When we went to that party and Harry acted like a complete dick I came outside to get some fresh air and Niall followed. He saw what happened and he explained that Harry's just being a jerk and he...."

"He what?" Louis asked growing impatient.

"He kissed me." I finished and the guys were shocked as they, even Harry didn't know about that.

"So that's how it all started and eventually I couldn't hide my feelings from him."

I finished my story and the guys just stared at us.

"So wait that song Does he know was about Harry and Ashley?" Liam asks looking at Niall and he just sheepishly nods.

"Wow." They all say in unison.


"How could you!?!" Louis shouts breaking the silence.

We all stare at him confused as to what he's talking about.

"How could you betray your best friend? He was always there for you and you just stabbed him in the back." Louis is now pointing at Niall yelling at him.

"It wasn't all me! Harry cheated on Ashley too and wasn't even going to tell her! At least we were honest!" Niall shoots back and I hold him back with my hand. I'm not about to see two fights in one night.

"You were honest about the second time not the first! Ashley just went back to Harry acting like everything was fine! Harry was right you're just a whore!" This one he directed at me and it hurt. Louis and I were closer then anyone else.

Niall was about to throw a punch but Liam and Zayn held him back. I simply got up from my seat, wiped away the few tears that had fallen and walked out the door. I wasn't going to cry in front of everyone. When I reached outside I just called a cab and had it drive me back to the hotel. I sent a text to Niall telling him I left and then walked to my bedroom closing the door.

That night I cried into my pillow until I fell alseep. I guess I should have known they would take sides.


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