That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


21. Public's View

Last night actually went really well. Niall stayed for dinner and him and my dad got along so well. My dad has agreed to allow me to see Niall since he will be gone for most of the rest of our time in London. Right now I'm getting dressed to go out with Niall. We are planning on going shopping and then back to his place. This will be the first time Niall and I are out in public as a couple. I have refused to go on twitter or anything like that afraid of what people might say.

I am waiting outside my hotel as paparazzi take my picture. I've learned to just ignore them and let them take their photo's because now I have nothing to hide from. I see Niall's black mustang pull out in front and I quickly run over and hop in. The photographers followed and saw that it was Niall so they all yelled questions that I just simply ignored.

"Hey!" Niall leaned over and placed a quick peck on my lips.

I smiled in return and grabbed his hand that wasn't on the steering wheel. I turned up the radio and The Story of my Life by one direction started playing and I let out a loud laughter. Niall just shook his head in return and I played it louder singing along to it.

Soon we were parked and on our way to all the shops.

"Let's go in here!" I pull Niall along to an old boutique and walk inside instantly seeing all the old jewelry and clothes.

"This stuff is incredible." I run my hand through all the clothes and I look over to see Niall staring at me.

"What?" I asked turning away from him.

"Nothing you're just cute when you're excited." I could feel myself blush at his words and he pulls me towards him planting a kiss on my forehead.

"Hey are you Niall from One Direction?" I hear someone say from behind me.

I turn around to see a girl about a year younger then me looking up at him.

"Yes I am." Niall says grabbing the paper she held out to him to sign.

Then the girl looks at me "You were Harry's girlfriend right?" Wow I guess everyone knows we broke up.

"Yes I was."

"You cheated on him right?" Wow she is not holding anything back. I look over at Niall and he looks like he's about to explode.

"That's awful! I hope you know that everyone and I mean EVERYONE hates you. Just go look on twitter." The girl says flipping her hair and walking away.

I look at Niall and he wraps me in to a hug pulling me away at the same time. I don't even make it to his car before I'm in tears. I pull out my phone logging on to my twitter account.

"Don't do that!" Niall says trying to grab my phone from me.

"I have to know what they are saying!" I finish logging on and I already see all these tweets directed at me.

"Ashley's a whore. How could she do that to Harry? I hope Niall breaks her heart. She's only in it for the fame." I read a few out loud to Niall and he held my hand until we reached his house.

I scrolled through a few more until one especially caught my eye.

"Thanks to all my fans who support me in this tough time. I really need it now that I got stabbed in the back." It was from Harry.

Just when I thought we would finally be happy.


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