That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


20. I will always be there for you

It's been two days since the whole fall out between me and the guys. All I've done is lay in bed refusing to talk to anyone. My dad has tried multiple times to get me to tell him what's wrong but I just can't. Then I would have to tell him about sneaking around behind his back and how I'm not dating Harry.

I hear a knock on the door but I know my dad will answer it so I just continue to lay with my face down in the pillow.

Niall's POV

It's been two days and I haven't heard a word from Ashley since she texted me telling me she got a cab ride home. I've tried texting her and calling but all I get is her voicemail. I must have left a dozen voicemails and at least 100 messages. When I woke up this morning I decided to drive to her hotel and go and see her myself. I love her and I can't have her feeling guilty about this whole thing. Also, I finally broke up with Barbara so I am now officially free to date her.

I reach her hotel and there are camera everywhere. It's been three weeks when will they get over it? I march straight inside ignoring all the questions being thrown my way. I make it to her room and take a deep breath before knocking on the door.

A tall man answers the door and I'm assuming it's her father.

"Hello?" He asks looking me up and down.

"Hello sir my name's Niall Horan and I'm a friend of Ashley's. Would it be ok if I spoke to her for a minute?" I can only hope he'll let me see her.

"Well she's not really been in the mood to talk to anyone but you can try." He opens the door farther for me to walk in and I make my way to her room after thanking him.

I give a slight knock on the door before opening it slightly just to see Ashley, my Ashley laying face down on her bed. I walk in closing the door slightly with still leaving it open so her dad knows we are not doing anything. I go and sit down on the edge of her bed and she has yet to move.

"Ashley?" I whisper hoping I will get some reaction out of her.


"What?" I can't hear her through her pillow.

She lifts up her head and looks at me saying "What do you want?" I can see her tear stained face and it kills me seeing her like this.

"Ashley come here." I open my arms to her and surprisingly she falls right into them laying her head on my chest.

"I love you."

"I love you too." She responds leaning her head up so I can see her face.

"Tell me what's wrong." I want to help her but I can't if I don't know why she's upset.

"What isn't wrong? Harry hates me. My best friend here called me a whore. And you out of all of this has always been there but why?" Seeing her this broken is killing me and it takes all my power not to walk out and kill Harry for hurting her like this.

"Because I love you and I will always be there for you. No matter what happens your mine and I won't let anyone take that away from me." For the first time I see her smile and it made me smile just looking at her.

"No more Barbara?" She asked as her smile got bigger.

"No more Barbara." Ashley gets up and kisses me with so much passion it took everything I had to break away.

Ashley gave me a disappointed look as I pulled away.

"Your dads in the next room." By the look on her face I could tell she had forgotten about him.

"Come with me." Ashley pulls my hand as she gets off the bed.

Ashley's POV

"Dad." It was now or never so I chose now.

"Yes?" I see him walk out the room and look at me holding Niall's hand.

"I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Niall." My dad looked a mixture of confused and surprised but not angry so I guess that's a good sign.

"Sir." Niall stuck out his hand for him to shake and he did.

"What happened with Harry?" My dad asked looking at the both of us.

"There is no more Harry. You were right he wasn't right for me. But believe me Niall is."

And surprisingly my dad actually smiled.


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