That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


6. Hanging With the Guys

Ashley's POV

Last night was incredible. When we got home we just hung out with the guys some more except Niall was acting really strange and no one knows why. Oh well maybe he's having trouble with Barbara. I mean I hope not but even though I haven't met her she just doesn't seem right for him. Anyway today Harry is going to pick me up and take me to Louis's house and we are all going swimming and just hang out at his place. My dad still has no idea what is going on and I plan to keep it that way. He's at work everyday except for the weekend which is tomorrow so I will spend the day with him.


I have just finished getting ready and Harry texted me and told me he is on his way. I grab my bag and take the elevator down to the lobby and wait for his car to pull up.

I see his car and I run outside to meet him. He gets out and kisses me on the cheek before opening the door for me to get in. We drive the 10 minutes to Louis's house and when we arrive my mouth falls open as I see how big his house is. It's HUGE! Like my whole house could fit inside it. I step out and immediately Harry reaches for my hand and pulls me closer to him. I love that he is so protective but he needs to know I'm not going anywhere. We reach the door and Harry just opens it up and calls out to Louis that we are here.

"Come out back!" We hear him respond.

Harry leads me to the back where I'm guessing the pool is. The guys have already gotten in and are messing around.

"Come on Ashley get it!" Niall shouts over.

I take off my shorts and tank top to reveal my blue strapless bikini.

"Damn girl!" Liam says in a girly voice that we all laugh at.

I jump in and the cold water hits my body and it gets colder the deeper I go. I swim my way back to the top just to be greeted by a big splash coming from Louis's direction.

The guys are all laughing including Harry!

"Harry your gonna laugh at that!" I say crossing my arms.

"Well ya it was funny!" He responds laughing with the other guys.

"Fine then!" I say using all my might to splash them all back and I succeed. They all turn at me stunned that I have that much strength. 

"Get her!" Louis yells and they all charge me.

Niall manages to get to me first and he picks me up from under the water and throws me in the air. I scream as I hit the water and when I come up all the guys are laughing their heads off.

I charge at Niall and jump on his back dunking him in the water. Some how he is able to flip me over so now he's on my back.

Man hanging with these boys is something I never want to stop doing!


Hey guys sorry that was kind of just a filler chapter! More will come soon if you guys keep commenting! I need to know what you think!

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