That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


22. Everything will turn out great

Ashley's POV

Niall and I have been sitting in his apartment for the last hour or so. I stopped crying but now we are just sitting on the couch with my legs in his lap. Just then Niall's phone rings. (Bold is Niall)


"Niall hey it''s Simon. What's going on?"

"I'm in my apatment with Ashley why?" Niall looks over at me giving me a side ways smile.

"Good because Daytime London has invited the boys and Ashley to come on to the show."

"Oh uh when?" I can tell Niall is nervous about something by the way his voice is getting shaky.

"Tommorw afternoon so make sure you are both there!"

Niall hangs up the phone and looks over at me. "Looks like you and I are going on a talk show tomorrow."


I can't believe in less than an hour I am going to be on my very first talk show. I am so excited! The only thing that's not so exciting is the fact that all the guys are going to be there and 2 out of the 5 hate me. I walk over to the mirror giving myself the once over to make sure I have everything I need. Outfit check. Makeup check. Microphone check.

After checking everything I walk outside just intime to hear the host call out our names. I walk in sitting next to Niall and Louis. Everyone is cheering and some are even booing. I can tell the boo's are for me as there is a sign saying Ashley the whore on it. After everyone has calmed down the host takes the time to introduce everyone which doesn't take long as everyone already knows who we are.

"So boys how's it going?" The host asks with a huge smile on their face.

"Great we are all doing well." Liam jumps in to say before the rest of us have a chance.

"Are you sure about that because I have heard about some tension between you guys." Great I knew this was coming!

"Well no amount of tension could break us up." Zayn says putting his arm around Harry and Niall.

"So please I know the public is dying to know what is going on between you guys?" The host continues to press this topic and I know he won't stop.

"Well- Liam begins before I cut him off.

"Harry is mad at Niall who is mad at Harry and Harry and Louis are mad at me." I say quickly before anyone else has the chance. I don't care if that's not what I was "supposed" to say because they needed to hear it.

"Whoah care to explain Ashley."

"Well I dated Harry and then Niall kissed me. I broke away and continued to date Harry even though he got drunk one night and acted like a jerk. Then Niall writes a song about me and I end up back at his apartemnt to yell at him and we end up kissing. So the next day I go tell Harry but instead I see a picture of him kissing another girl so I break up with him and Niall breaks up with Barbara. Now Niall and I are dating." I finish taking a big breat of air.

"How does Louis fit into all this?"

"Oh right well after Harry finds out the truth about Niall and I he calls me a whore and walks out. Then Louis and the rest of the guys come looking for an explanation and after they get one Louis also calls me a whore and I leave."

"Wow." The host says and just looks at the crowd who all have there mouths wide open.

"Can I say one more thing?"I ask the host and she nods signaling I can.

"I have been getting a lot of hate on Twitter and I understand that's youre opinion and you have a right to it. But make sure you know the whole story before you start telling people to die and they don't deserve anyone."

"Ok well that's the end of our show have a good day everyone!" The host signs off and we all get up to leave.


When I get back to my hotel with Niall laying down next to me I decide to go onto Twitter. When I log on once again  I see tweets with my name on them. But this time it is all about my speech on the show and how everyone agrees with me. Wow maybe everything will turn out great.




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