the pitt

me my friend jasmine and Matilda


1. story of my life

One day there was a girl named Chloe and she loved her friend Jasmine and Matilda they were the nices  friends she ever had but they we not her only friends. she had a lot of them like Marisol, Caitlyn, Katelyn, and Willow but then she went to school the next day her friend jasmine said she lost her kitty his name was sprinkles. i really wanted to help her so i asked her is she wanted me to come over and help her find him and she said "I will have to ask my mother," so she called her and her mom said no cause jasmine was grounded. and so when i was on the computer at school i went on vevo and listen to my favorite song ever by Lady Antebellum, "Compuss" and i think that the song changed my life only because last couple years maroon 5 Payphone was my favorite song for a long time.






story not done yet 

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