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We live in an information society. You can easily find people everywhere and seeing how their lives are. You share images on tumblr. on instagram and you write nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. What happens if you get a stalker following you online? A guy who wants to own you? He has an eye on every detail of your life and you have no control over who he is. You just know that he exists somewhere in the world.


32. Onion....

Niall kept away from me at night and I usually got to sleep alone. It was a relief and I noted that he changed. I was hoping for the better and that he would release me soon. The days were empty and I was like a lazy idiot. I sat on the couch and watched TV, but eventually I got tired of even that. Niall was more totally inside the computer and his life consisted only of the net. I don't know what he did but I understood that he also was a hacker. He went into other people's accounts and he snooped everywhere.


One day, I chose to cook the food to us. I didn't just want to sit down and direct Niall seemed in a better mood. 
"It's okay that you take responsibility." he said and followed me with his eyes. I had a shirt on me and he lent me shirts almost every day, but he still wanted me to be almost naked. Now I wasn't sure if it was because I couldn't run away naked, but at the same time, he seemed to like to see my skin.


I stood and cut onion when he came up to me. I felt his hands around my waist and they slid up inside the shirt. He pressed himself against my buttocks and I felt his face against my neck. 
"You're so sexy ..." he murmured, and let his hands massaging my two breasts. He moaned lightly and I felt that he had boner. 
"I cook!" 
Niall didn't seem to care and when he unbuttoned his pants, I knew what he had planned. He lifted me up on the bench and stood between my legs. Without making me prepared, I felt he penetrated. He moaned lightly and took his arms around my back. 
"I like your body." he whispered hoarsely and pressed herself against me. I felt him began to move my body, but I didn't even touch him. Niall seemed to think he was the perfect man, but I still hated him. It didn't matter if his father had been mean, I couldn't feel understanding over how Niall was, and the fact that he force me to stuff.


I was surprised when Niall forced me down from the bench. He lay down on his back on the floor and got me to sit on him. I realized he was doing, it was just for me to give up. I let him penetrate again and I rode him. Niall took his hands around my waist and forced me to increase speed. I leaned forward and let my hands be placed the sides of his head. I looked down at him and felt my stomach nearly turned around. I hated him! Still, he got me to like what we did. Niall let one thumb caress me over the clitoris and it wasn't long until I forgot to hate him. I felt how Niall made ​​me shake with excitement and I moaned quietly. Niall was completely in the movements, and he smiled almost constantly. He tore my shirt off and ans hands were everywhere. I closed my eyes and imagined that Niall was a different person. Eventually I came and I screamed almost straight out. I felt how it started as a small tingling and ended with an eruption all over the body. Niall spun around as soon as I was done and he worked quickly with the hip. I felt how he bounced towards me and he moaned in pleasure. Finally he came and pushed himself hard into me. I felt the whole he pulse total and he sank in the end down over me.

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