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We live in an information society. You can easily find people everywhere and seeing how their lives are. You share images on tumblr. on instagram and you write nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. What happens if you get a stalker following you online? A guy who wants to own you? He has an eye on every detail of your life and you have no control over who he is. You just know that he exists somewhere in the world.


17. Niall

I was showering and Niall lent me a shirt to wear. He was careful to have control over me, so when I sat on the couch he used handcuffs to know that I didn't had any chance to get way. I sat on the couch, looked at the TV and he made ​​sure I got food in my stomach. He himself sat engrossed with his computers and he seemed to be a computer geek. 


"Have you no friends?" I got out of me. Niall gave me a quick glance and smiled weakly. 
"Well, I have five thousand on twitter, thousands on Facebook and ..." 
I interrupted him. 
"I'm talking about friends who coming here and talking to you?" 
Niall stopped and looked at me again. He was quiet and seemed almost embarrassed at not being able to say yes. Instead, he swallowed and seemed unsure. 
"I prefer to talk with people online. You are the first person I brought home."
I wanted to know more about him. 
"And your parents?" 
He didn't like the conversation, but he answered. 
"My parents are dead. I inherited money after them and renovated up this barn. I wanted a home where no one came, and where I was able to be alone." 
Good information and good that he didn't like to talk about himself. 
"So you have no brothers or sisters?" 
He shook directly on his head and frowned. 
"Why do you ask?" 
I smiled. 
"You know everything about me and my life. I know nothing about you and your life."
Niall hesitated and I saw at him that he wasn't sure anymore. He avoided eye contact and he looked away. 
"I got rich by inheriting money. I don't need to work, I have so that I can manage myself my hole life. The web's my life and this's there where I'm living out my dreams." 
I swallowed and continued to smile goofy. 
"So you're alone?" 
He shook directly on the head. 
"I have you?" 
Slowly I realized what was wrong with him. He was a loner who selected me to be his partner. And I was too stupid to go along with it, or be tricked into it.
"So you've just me?" 
Niall didn't respond. He looked back at the computer again and began to flick on the keys.

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