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We live in an information society. You can easily find people everywhere and seeing how their lives are. You share images on tumblr. on instagram and you write nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. What happens if you get a stalker following you online? A guy who wants to own you? He has an eye on every detail of your life and you have no control over who he is. You just know that he exists somewhere in the world.


31. more information

Niall got tears in his eyes when he got out the truth. 
"Daddy touched me once a week!" he got up. "He touched me everywhere and he was masturbating next to me. He never had sex with me, but close...." 
I saw at him and tried to collect myself. A part of me still hated him, but another part of me understood him. 
"It wasn't your fault!"
I got scared. Niall stood up and even that he had tears of sorrow, he managed to look angry. 
"Who the hell do you think you are? Clearly it was my fault and I heard it every day from my mom., She said that I was too handsome for my own good, but I knew she was lying." he came towards me menacingly. "I went to school and felt like a stranger. Everybody looked down at me and everyone knew what was happening. They knew that I was a disgusting guy and why didn't a single fool want to be friend with me?"
I didn't know what to say. 
"They didn't know you?" 
He smirked and threw out his arms. 
"I'm a nice guy and I'm not like my dad. I'm a different person, but who the hell see that? You don't even see that I'm pretty normal." 
I swallowed and looked down at the floor. He wasn't normal, but I understood why. The question was how I could explain it to him. Niall sat down next to me on the couch and wiped his face.
"I hate everyone and I hate that I live. I don't know why God created me. I'm a joke, a freak, but I will do anything to fit into this world."
Niall sat with slumped body and he seemed not directly be aware of me. I didn't move an inch, and sat still. 
"Damn, I hate .." he mumbled. "I hate so much that I don't know what's normal anymore." 
I swallowed. 
"Why, don't you change on yourself?" 
He looked quickly at me. 
"As if that helps? I have tried and you were my last chance. Even now I can stop hating. You was the one who would make me feel love, but instead screwed up everything." 
I didn't agree. 
"It was you who planned everything and I'm against my will to be here." 
He mumbled something and stood up. He went back to the computer and sat down in front of it.

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