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We live in an information society. You can easily find people everywhere and seeing how their lives are. You share images on tumblr. on instagram and you write nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. What happens if you get a stalker following you online? A guy who wants to own you? He has an eye on every detail of your life and you have no control over who he is. You just know that he exists somewhere in the world.


3. Follow

I and Marry was in the clothing store. As always, we tried on a lot of clothes, photographed each other and had a fun day. I stood as models and Marry took photos. 
"Better can you, Minnie!" she said cheerfully and laughed at me. I just smiled and stood in a new position. 
"Here's how it should be done."


As soon as we got back to my room, I put the images out. I also wrote on Twitter and Facebook. 
"Me and my best friend have fun. Speaking about that we are models." 
Marry laughed. 
"We are mad?" 
I disagreed and showed other accounts that I followed. 
"Everyone doing it." I said happily. "So we aren't odd and we aren't crazy."
It didn't went on long time until Niall answered the photos. 
"Talk about nice girls?" 
I grinned and replied to him. 
"YOU have no idea." 
Marry laughed and blushed . 
"Talking about that guys in other countries can see us?" 
I smiled at her. 
"He's gay, so I guess you don't need to be worried." 
She checked out Nialls account and agreed. He had a lot of pictures of feminine things and she liked it. 
"I also want to be friends with a gay!" 
I grinned slightly and shook my head. 
"He's mine, you can get your own"


"Do you have Twitter or Facebook?" Niall wrote the message on Tumbler and seemed generally curious. 
"Why do you ask?" 
He replied. 
"I have Twitter. Want to follow me? Can I follow you?" 
I hesitated. 
"I don't know you." 
"You can get to know me." 
I smiled weakly, thinking. 
"Okay, what's your name on twitter?" 
"Niall Horan and I have the same name on Facebook."

I looked him up on Twitter and he had about the same pictures there, as on instagram. 
"Okay." I replied. "I add you!" 
Niall was or seemed to be overjoyed. 
"Thank you. You are a wonderful friend!"

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