Lacey is a champion figure skater. She is also a crazy directioner! What will happen when her and her BFF Molly go skating and see One Direction? What will happen when Lacey falls for one of the boys


5. the ice

I met up with Molly and took her down to the rink.

"OMG I can't wait to see your dance!" She squealed I giggled.

"It's rubbish I'm telling you that!" I replied. We put midnight memories on and raved all the way to the rink.

When we arrived at the rink I asked the DJ if I could practice and he cleared the ice and blasted Kiss You!

I did my dance and didn't fall once I was really proud of that ! Little things came on because he played the album. I was so happy with myself! Molly shot over to me and spun around shouting

"YOU ARE THE BEST SKATER EVER GIRL!" I just laughed and we skated off. I showed Molly some new tricks and she fell over ALOT!

We got a hot dog then went on the ice again. We were racing when suddenly I caught someone's skate and went flying into the wall! I was pretty used to that so I just got up and checked to see if the person was alright.

"I'm so sorry I-I didn't mean to I can't believe I did that I'm so stupid!" I kept babbling on until the boy cut me off

"Chill I'm fine just slow down whizz."

I nearly fainted as he stood up I caught a glimpse of his face...

"OMG OMG OMG!" I whispered "Louis Tomlinson I-I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH GEZZ AHHH!" I shouted at the top of my voice. Molly came over to see if I was alright. I turned and screamed in her face

"LIAM AKA THE LIAM AKA THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE LIAM IS MAKING EYES AT YOU!" She thought I was joking until she turned around and saw him gazing at her. Being the weirdo she is put a hand on her hip and a hand on her head, raised her eyebrows twice and said

"Hey, lookin good," I pushed her and she laughed at my reaction. I decided that two can play that game so I skated over to Niall and gave him a massive bear hug he hugged me back!

"HORAN HUGS ARE THE BEST!" I squealed as we pulled away. They looked at us really weirdly( I'm not really surprised).

"Oh urm… I'm Lacie and this freak is Molly and together we are …

DIRECTIONERS FOR EVA!" We both shouted the last part. Thankfully no one looked over at us the last thing I needed was to be mobbed by fans!

"Well hi there Lacie and hi Molly," Louis said with a cheeky grin. God how I wanted to snog his face off. I sound like a total freakoid. Lol YOLO!

" you probs know who we are then don't you," Harry winked flirting. Gez how was I meant not to just kiss him right here on the spot. Coz he'd think you're a freak pull your self together!

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